This Virtual 3D Fashion Show By Hanifa Is Setting New Expectations

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Many companies around the world are putting events on hold due to the need for social distancing. Launches, concerts, workshops, and even fashion shows are all paused as people are encouraged to stay home. As a result, companies are coming up with new and creative digital ways to reach their audience. Online concerts, classes, and launches are happening. But not many expect a fashion show to be able to go digital. Well, this virtual 3D fashion show by fashion label Hanifa is here to tell everyone that anything is possible.

Hanifa clothing
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Some of you may have never heard of Hanifa which is a fashion brand by Anifa Mvuemba. She founded the ready-to-wear womenswear label back in 2012 and runs on a direct-to-consumer style of business entirely on social media. Her brand has been featured in Forbes, British Vogue, Billboard, and Elle.

Riding on the success of her brand, Anifa was looking forward to her first every runway show at New York Fashion week. Unfortunately, the event is unable to proceed due to the virus.

Hanifa debuts virtual 3D fashion show
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Not wanting to give up on her dream, she held a virtual fashion show in May which streamed on Instagram Live. Tens of thousands of followers logged on to watch the virtual 3D fashion show. Her garments appeared in virtual 3D against a black backdrop walking down a runway.

The hauntingly beautiful show gives the image that the garments are on invisible models. In fact, you can see every curve that a model would have. The clothing struts down the runway in such a realistic manner that it’s hard to believe no one is wearing it.

Hanifa debuts a virtual 3D fashion show
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Moving on, this virtual 3D fashion show by Hanifa shows just how far Anifa is willing to carve her path. Moreover, technology has always been at the forefront of the brand with the use of social media to create a direct-to-consumer business. And now she has taken it one step further.

It will be interesting to see how this high-tech fashion show can impact the whole industry. Will other brands also start investing in virtual 3D fashion shows or is that still too futuristic?