Nutritious Delicious Catering For Penang Folks

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Penang is widely known across the nation as the state of scrumptious and mouth-watering food. True food aficionados will be able to point you to the right stall for the perfect bowl of anything you name. Therefore, when it comes to serving food for your guests, make sure you dish up food of Penang standards. If you are looking for a caterer who will satisfy the hungry appetites of Penang people, make sure you check out Nutritious Delicious Catering!

About Nutritious Delicious Catering

The team started off as a café named Quattro Shot Café that was located along Jalan Baru, Perai. After two years of operation, demands for their catering service increased greatly. Hence, they shifted the business model from a café to catering. They are now a small to medium, budget-friendly food provider for various events that calls for a Muslim-friendly spread. Most of the menus customized to clients needs and based on personal budget.

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Not Your Usual Catering Service

They take pride in providing healthy, premium ingredients used in their cooking.They have a wide, healthy range of protein such as Oven-baked Chicken, Grilled Lamb or Chicken. In addition, they have fancy salads such as Cranberry Salad with Toasted Almonds, Javanese Salad with Chia Seed. Not forgetting guilt-free dessert such as Chia Seed Orange Cake, Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownies, Cranberry Toasted Almond Scone Cake. To add on to their menu, they also serve low GI steamed rice, lemon pilaf and ‘detox’ drinks such as Iced Mint-Lime Juice, Iced Cucumber-Grapefruit-Lemon Drink.

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Filling Happy, Satisfied Bellies

Their mission is to provide Nutritious yet Delicious food spread, that is Muslim-friendly. They aim to provide customers with ample of choices ranging from Western, Asian, Fusion at an affordable price as per their tagline – “Now Everyone Can Eat”. Ultimately, they would like to strengthen their position to be the leading catering service especially in current industry as well as to spread their wings to neighboring cities.

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“We believe in hard work, PERSISTENCE and  consistency. Not forgetting quality in service & goods and giving back to society.”

– Nutritious Delicious Catering

Delicious food that will meet your catering needs: