Why Sheet Masks Are A Fantastic Addition To Your Skin Care

Everyone has a different skin care routine. Some may be as simple as cleansing, toning and moisturising. Some others may follow a 10-step (or more) routine. Also, skin care routines definitely include regular masking. There are many types of masks out there, but let’s focus on sheet masks. A relative newcomer to the beauty industry, sheet masks are a fantastic addition to your skin care, and here’s why!

The Origins of Sheet Masks

First things first, what’s a sheet mask? Basically, a sheet mask is a piece of fabric that is individually packaged, infused with serum. The fabric can be made of fibre, cotton, cellulose or coconut pulp, and the sheet mask has holes where your eyes, nose and mouth go. So who invented sheet masks? Rumour has it that the Japanese Geishas were the first to use them, if not invent them as we know them today. The Geishas gathered scraps of silk leftover from kimono-making, and soaked them in flower water. Then, they rested the flower water-silk scraps on their faces as part of their skin care routine. After that, South Korea expanded the whole sheet mask craze.

Why Do Sheet Masks Deliver Nutrients More Effectively?

Sheet masks work as an occlusive, which is a physical barrier that seals your skin with the present ingredients. When you apply the sheet mask onto your face, the material traps the active ingredients on the skin, preventing the ingredients from evaporating and forcing it to lock in the moisture and benefits. With sheet masks, you allow your skin to “rest”, while being saturated in active ingredients that gives your skin the extra boost of nutrients it needs! Plus, sheet masks keep your skin hydrated, unlike conventional masks that may strip your skin of moisture. Dehydrated skin is a vulnerable skin barrier, so hydrated skin is a natural form of protection!

Why Are Sheet Masks All the Rage Now?

In other words, why you should use sheet masks! Especially on Instagram, type in #sheetmask and check out all the celebrities and beauty influencers using sheet masks! In fact, taking a selfie while sheet masking is a trend now, and you may pick up some really helpful tips from beauty influencers too! Here are some of the reasons sheet masks are all the rage:

  • The best at hydrating!
  • Individually packaged for convenient use anywhere, anytime
  • Skin looks radiant, plumper, more bouncy and brightened
  • Simple and effective to use!
  • You can use them as often as you want (daily use is okay!)
  • Get the benefits of serum without investing in a full-sized product yet (great for testing out serum suitability)
  • Contains a variety of natural to chemical ingredients for your target problem
  • Caters to a wide range of budget

Sheet masks really are easy to use, and can be your lifesaver in times of dire need. It’s pretty much a thing now to use one sheet mask a day, and plenty of people are adopting this habit. Simply slap on a sheet mask to receive all the benefits, but be careful! Sheet masks are not meant to dry on your face, or it can produce the opposite effect.

The Garnier Serum Mask

With all that’s said, it’s time to check out Garnier’s Serum Mask. The first ever serum mask by Garnier, this mask can provide you with a week’s worth of serum in a single mask, and a week’s hydration in just 15 minutes! How is that possible? With the help of its star ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid Serum! Hyaluronic Acid is well-known for its ability to hold vast amounts of moisture, is gentle on skin and has great skin-replenishing properties, which makes it ideal to rejuvenate your skin. Check out the Tissue Mask Technology used to make Garnier Serum Mask:

  • Impregnated with super hydrating serum: Glycerine + Hyaluronic Acid – Contains 32g of content, approximately twice the amount of a usual face mask
  • Ideal fit: Specially cut to fit Asian facial contours, which ensures maximum facial skin coverage
  • Flexible & soft: Semi-translucent, thin (0.5mm) and breathable on skin
  • Natural origin viscose tissue: 100% natural cellulose fibre, gentle on the skin, no irritation, designed to slowly and continuously release formula

In fact, more than 75% of women who have tried Garnier’s Serum Mask reported that their skin was intensely hydrated after usage! It’s time to get several to try out now, as sheet masks can be used everyday! Choose from:

  • Hydra Bomb
  • Light Complete
  • Sakura White

Let us know which is your favourite, and BRB, we’re off to place a sheet mask too!