Why Do People Enjoy Live Performances So Much?

Have you ever been to a live performance before, regardless of a play, concert or anything else? How did you feel about if you’ve experienced it before? There are many ways one can watch a performance – YouTube has so many of those! But given a choice, most people would still opt for a live performance, especially of their favourite performers. Exactly what makes a live performance stand out from recorded ones, and why do people enjoy live performances so much?


There’s just something about a skillful performance being delivered right in front of your eyes. Being a performer is no easy feat, as one must train hard and long to get there. Especially with physical performances such as singing, dancing and acrobatics, audience can’t help but admire the performers’ control, discipline and dedication towards their art. Needless to say, not everyone can be as skillful, and it’s an experience in itself to marvel at the outcome of passion and perseverance.

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Culture & Community

Especially in the West, attending theatre shows is somewhat a cultural activity. Even in Malaysia where shows of any form are more infrequent, there’s still a community gravitating towards the performances. Attending performances allows for like-minded people to gather and get to know each other, and promotes a sense of belonging. The performer community thrives thanks to the culture, where other art-lovers and performers support each other. Other performers in the audience often gain inspiration, sparking off from the performances; while the general audience may get a new perspective, or even be initiated into the community.

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Emotion & Connection

Most live performances are enjoyable simply because they promote a connection and understanding of humanity in a broader sense. Performances (especially theatre shows) could be relatable and depict reality close enough, triggering audience to feel emotions they don’t often experience. In other words, you may see the world in a different light, and have empathy for humanity. A performer often considers performances peaking when they manage to touch the audience – when the audience feels everything they’re feeling onstage, whether overwhelming joy, heartbreak or anger. Performances that have storylines are created to deliver stories to people in another way.

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Liveliness & Energy

Last but not least, attending live shows allow for both performer and audience to share the same physical space, and that’s where magic happens. Both performer(s) and audience vibe off each other’s energy, and that’s how a spectacular experience is created. In this case, the human element is present – the audience appreciates the performer, and vice versa. The energy created within this physical space can be phenomenal, with some returning from live performances stating that it was an experience of a lifetime. In the most basic sense, live performances are another way for people to connect, and that’s why we enjoy live performances so much!

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What sort of live performance do you want to attend, or what was your most memorable live performance to date? Share your experience with us in the comments below!