Disney+ Will Officially Be Debuting In Indonesia Next Month!

Image credit: techcrunch.com and cnet.com

Growing up with Disney is a shared experience of children around the world. There are iconic movies and TV shows that we hold near and dear to our hearts. But of course now everyone is moving towards online streaming services such as Netflix. Therefore it also makes sense for Disney to launch their own to cater to the online fans. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Southeast Asian region, at least until next month. That’s right, Disney+ will officially be debuting in Indonesia!

Image credit: talkandroid.com

It is quite interesting to see the platform expanding and officially making a debut in Southeast Asia. While it is also exciting news to hear, it’s a bit disappointing that we won’t be able to enjoy the platform just yet. In fact, Indonesia is the first ever country in Southeast Asia to have the streaming platform.

Some of you might be wondering why Disney has chosen to launch the platform in Indonesia specifically. However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek seems to be quite confident in the decision as he believes there is much potential in the country.

Disney+ Hotstar in Indonesia
Image credit: 24globenews.com

Moving on, the service will be known and marketed as Disney+ Hotstar which is similar to India. At one point, Hotstar was an on-demand streaming platform in India that was very popular. There was a variety of content ranging from local to international and more.

The pricing of Disney+ Hotstar in Indonesia is still unknown as there have not been any updates on that. However, just as a guideline, the pricing in the United States is USD 6.99 per month.

In regards to our own country, there is no news on whether we will soon be able to enjoy the streaming platform. Anyone who is interested can register at Disney+ and maybe someday soon we can enjoy it too.