Perfect Your Meals with a Refreshing Somersby Sparkling White

Image Credit: Somersby Sparkling White

The all new Somersby Sparkling White sparked joy among cider lovers in Malaysia following its introduction of a product innovation in the cider world – a semi-sweet refreshing cider with a taste of white wine. Full of tinging live bubbles, this golden hued cider exhibits a fruity white wine aroma and is a perfect alternative to white wine or champagne.

Somersby x Le Petit Chef

Following a partnership between Somersby and Le Petit Chef, Malaysians can now indulge in a dining experience that heightens their five senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch paired with Somersby’s newly launched variant, Sparkling White. Easy on the palate, the Somersby Sparkling White makes a good aperitif anytime of the day, and is best paired with seafood, white meat, ham and cheese.

Foodie and cider lovers will be thrilled to savour a four-course meal prepared by Le Petit Chef also known as The World’s tiniest chef now available at Elements, TREC KL all while savouring Somersby Sparkling White.

Le Petit Chef

This innovative dining affair aims to excite guests via an immersive projection mapping display as they watch Le Petit Chef prepare their meals igniting one’s sight and sound senses. As the dishes are served, one’s taste and smell senses are stimulated as they savour the meals prepared by Michelin-starred chef, Jeff Ramsey paired with a chilled glass of Sparkling White for that elegant experience.

Image Credit: Somersby Sparkling White

About Somersby Sparkling White

Somersby Sparkling White is a refined semi-sweet apple cider that is full of tingling live bubbles with a fruity white wine aroma. Elegantly designed with 4.5% alcohol, it has the same grown up flavour and structure as sparkling wine, at the same time, keeping the familiar refreshing taste you can expect from Somersby. Designed to appeal to a more mature palette, Somersby Sparkling White is best served chilled in wine glasses and bottles placed in buckets to deliver a premium experience. Malaysia is the first country outside of Europe to launch this innovation.

Get Your Somersby Sparkling White!

The Somersby Sparkling White is available in single bottle or 4-bottle pack in major supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected pubs, bars and restaurants. Enjoy a promotional rate for a limited time only when dining at Le Petit Chef and The Grill by Elements paired with Sparkling White.

Image Credit: Somersby Sparkling White

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