Irvine Quek’s Amazing Design Wins At World Latte Art Battle!

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Ordering lattes at a cafe or restaurant brings an added bonus when you get to see the pretty art in foam. It’s usually that pretty leaf design but sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise. However, making these designs in milk foam can be very tricky and takes lots of practice and creativity. Irvine Quek’s amazing design won him first place at the world latte art championship!

Irvine Quek's Win
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During the 2019 World Latte Art Battle, Irvine Quek’s awesome design blew away the judges minds. The competition is organised by the World Coffee Battle in Seoul, South Korea.

Irvine Quek competed against many skilled and talented baristas from all around the world. In fact, he narrowly defeated Kim Young Jin from South Korea by just 10 points! Irvine Qeuk’s bear and fish design scored him a whooping 73 points.

Moreover, his creative design features a bear holding a fish in its mouth. It’s an amazing work of art that skilfully imitates life. He shared his winning design to his Instagram account.

His bear and fish design took almost three months to even create it for the first time. The next step was to perfect the details so as to make it more realistic and impactful. As you can see in the picture above, he definitely succeeded at his challenge.

This isn’t Irvine Quek’s first time winning a championship title. In fact he was crowned as the champion of last year’s World Latte Art Battle. Last year he submitted three awesome designs for the 2018 World Latte Art Battle held in Brazil.

Furthermore, his three designs seem to pay homage to Malaysia. Firstly, the national bird of Malaysia is the Hornbill. We also have the monkey and cute dolphin design!

Congratulations Irvine and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next year!