10 Memorable Movie Cats

Other than dogs, cats are one of the most enduring cinematic animals that have appeared in a large number of Hollywood movies. Depending on the characters, they can be cute and cuddly or even serve as a pivotal role in horror movies. With that, we have compiled a list of 10 Memorable Movie Cats listed in alphabetical order.

1) Blofeld’s Cat – “From Russia With Love”

The enduring James Bond franchise isn’t just about the suave 007 agent himself as well as the obligatory Bond girl(s) and villain. Even a pet cat gets a notable appearance in a Bond film or more specifically, the fluffy white Persian. The cat doesn’t have a name, other than the fact that it belongs to Bond’s famous archnemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Blofeld’s cat made its first appearance in 1963’s “From Russia with Love” before subsequent reappeared in three more Bond films: “For Your Eyes Only” (1981), “Never Say Never Again” (1983) and “Spectre” (2015).

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2) Cat – “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

The late great Audrey Hepburn may have been the star attraction of Blake Edwards’ “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961). But let’s not forget that marmalade tabby cat, which actually plays a pivotal role in this classic romantic comedy. The professionally-trained cat actor a.k.a. Orangey doesn’t really have a name in the movie. In fact, Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly simply calls the cat Cat. The cat’s most crucial moment comes during the final scene, where Holly and Paul (George Peppard) look for it in the rain after she shoved the cat out of the cab earlier. The cat’s performance was so iconic that it actually won an Oscar-like Patsy Award.

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3) Church – “Pet Sematary”

Cats are supposed to be cute and cuddly but in the case of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”, this particular feline is bad news. Let’s just say the Creed’s family cat got run down on the highway, only to return from the dead after being buried in a cursed pet cemetery. The undead feline (though different cat actors, of course) made its appearance twice in 1989 and again in the recent 2019 remake.

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4) Goose – “Captain Marvel”

Those who have watched “Captain Marvel” would probably agree that Goose stole the show in the movie. The character in question, of course, refers to Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) cute ginger kitty. As fuzzy as it may look, let’s just say, there’s a crucial scene later in the movie that surprises you in an unexpected way.

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5) Jonesy – “Alien” and “Aliens”

In the first “Alien” movie, Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley isn’t the only survivor that survived the Xenomorph massacre aboard the USCSS Nostromo spaceship. The other survivor happens to be Ripley’s ginger cat nicknamed Jonesy, one of Nostromo‘s crew members in charge of eliminating rodents.

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6) Mr Bigglesworth – “Austin Powers”

Mike Myers has certainly had a field day playing the hero and the villain, Dr Evil in the “Austin Powers” movies. The latter, of course, is an obvious parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld seen in the Bond films. Like the aforementioned movies, Dr Evil has a pet cat in the form of a white Persian nicknamed Mr Bigglesworth. More than just a pet, Mr Bigglesworth happens to be as evil as his owner himself. This can be evidently seen during a memorable moment where Dr Evil quoted, “When Dr Evil gets angry, Mr Bigglesworth gets upset. And when Mr Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!” But poor kitty, as the otherwise fluffy white Persian in the movie, turns into a hairless Sphynx as a result of a cryogenic freeze.

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7) Mr Jinx – “Meet The Parents”

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro may have been the highlights of this 2000 hit comedy. But let’s not forget Mr Jinx, the furry Himalayan pet cat belonging to De Niro’s Jack Byrnes. The cat is responsible for some of the movie’s funniest moments, namely an elaborate scene where Ben Stiller’s Greg tries to retrieve Mr Jinx on the roof.

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8) Puss in Boots – “Shrek 2”

Here’s the only non-live action cat that is entirely animated, a ginger cat simply called Puss in Boots who speaks English in a Spanish accent (he’s voiced by Antonio Banderas after all). He’s suave, he can fight with his sword and is even able to trick anyone with his big, sympathetic eyes. This swashbuckling kitty, who made his first appearance in “Shrek 2” (2004) was so popular that he got his own namesake spinoff in 2011.

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9) Sassy – “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”

The 1993 remake of the same name does a great job with all the animal work as well as the voice acting. The story, which revolves around Sally the cat (voiced by Sally Field) and her two dogs (Michael J. Fox’s Chance and Don Ameche’s Shadow), is about the animals embarking on a cross-country journey to locate their family.

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10) Snowbell – “Stuart Little”

Nathan Lane gives a spot-on voice performance as a mean Persian cat Snowbell in “Stuart Little”. In this 1999 hit family comedy, Snowbell isn’t particularly pleased when his owners Mr and Mrs Little (Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis) decided to adopt the titular mouse (voiced by Michael J. Fox) and begin treating him like their own son. Of course, jealousy ensues and well, you just have to find out what happens next for yourself.

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