8 Common And Popular Old Wives’ Tales Debunked

Let’s face it, almost all of us have gone through the stage where we were misled by our parents or even grandparents with their old wives’ tale(s). Well, it’s time to separate fact from fiction by debunking these 8 Common And Popular Old Wives’ Tales!

1) “The Five-Second Rule”

You probably heard about this one before: If you accidentally drop some food, say an ice cream cone, on the floor but you manage to pick it up within five seconds, the food is still safe enough to eat. But the truth is, even if you are able to pick up your food from the floor in less than five seconds, the bacteria which has already appeared on the surface would contaminate it instantaneously. So, rather than risk food poisoning or other stomach-related illnesses, it’s best not to eat it anyway.

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2) Swallowed Gum Remains In Your Stomach For 7 Years

Accidentally swallowed a piece of chewing gum? Well, before freak out that swallowed gum would stay undigested in your stomach for seven years, think again. Here’s the reality: Instead of sitting idle for a few years as claimed, swallowed gum would eventually pass out of your body in a matter of days.

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3) Shaving Causes Hair To Grow Back Thicker

For most guys, shaving hair on our faces and even armpits are a common grooming routine. But here’s the thing about shaving that we all can relate to: the hair would grow back faster and thicker regardless of how close or sharp our razor is. Which explains the myth behind it. Except… it turns out that the hair only appears thicker due to the blunt tip from the slicing result of a razor, which in turn, causes a noticeable stubbly end.

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4) Sleeping With Wet Hair Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is one of those common Asian myths that sleeping with wet hair after a shower would trigger rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition, as per according to NHS UK, “caused by the immune system attacking healthy body tissue”. Another related myth is that you may also catch a cold from the result of sleeping with wet hair. But the thing is, whether you do end up suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or cold symptoms has nothing to do with the fact you are sleeping with wet hair. The only logical consequence for doing so is getting a wet pillowcase and risking hair breakage.

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5) Soaking In Sweat Means You Are Burning More Calories

Sorry to break this to you, but even if you are soaked in sweat even after a long hour of jogging or running does not equal to a mass calorie-burning process. Instead, sweating is just a natural response of regulating and cooling down your core body temperature.

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6) Microwaves Cause Cancer

Sure, microwaves use radiation. But not the kind of high-level radiation associated with X-rays or even gamma rays. Instead, they actually utilise another type of radiation called radiofrequency radiation, short for “RF”. They basically belong to the lower end of radiation. But even if there’s radiation leaking from your microwave, it’s only because it has broken or damaged. And the worst-case scenario that could happen to you is a possible skin burn.

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7) Eating More Carrots Can Improve Your Eyesight

Yes, it’s true that eating carrots help to improve eyesight due to their excellent source of beta carotene. The beta carotene, in turn, is responsible for converting it into vitamin A — a vital nutrient that promotes eye health and vision. But don’t be misled by the fact that carrots are a cure-for-all remedy when comes to improving your eyesight or vision. For instance, filling yourself with too many carrots can cause skin discolouration and if you are suffering from vision impairment due to ageing or genetics, it can’t be reversed no matter how many carrots you end up consuming.

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8) Alcohol Helps You Sleep Better

Sure, alcoholic beverages regardless of beer, wine or liquor contains a sedative effect that may help you drift off at night. But the reality is, relying on alcohol to aid your restless night can actually do more harm than good. You would probably end up getting less restful sleep and waking up in the middle of the night.

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