IKEA Malaysia Is Serving Up Some D24 Durian Cake This Raya Season

When you think of festivities and Hari Raya I am sure your first thought is not to head over to IKEA. Now IKEA is giving you a reason to by serving up some delicious Malaysian desserts. So make sure you get a slice or two before the offer ends.

Durian Cendol Cake (Image credit: penangfoodie.com)

For the festive Raya season, IKEA Malaysia has introduced some pretty interesting desserts. Look out for the D24 Durian Cendol cake. A combination of Durian and Cendol? Could it be any better? Other cake flavours include Ondeh-ondeh and Pulut Hitam. Sounds yummy.

Pulut hitam cake (Image credit: penangfoodiecom)

These are especially for the Raya season and are only available for a limited time. So make sure you grab a treat before it’s too late. Drop by IKEA before the 4th of June to enjoy these delicious treats.

Ondeh-ondeh cake (Image credit: penangfoodie.com)

Prices for the whole cake are as follows:

Ondeh-ondeh – RM74.90

Pulut Hitam – RM86.90

D24 Durian Cendol -RM102.90

Image credit: penangfoodie.com

If you want something smaller and easier to munch on then check out the festive cookies that IKEA is selling. Flavours include butter, macadamia nut, cashew nut, coconut palm sugar, and the classic chocolate.

You can serve these to your guests or even keep them all to yourselves. The cookies also come in beautiful packaging which makes them a good house gift as well.