Home Friendly Workouts You Can Follow To Keep Moving

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Some of us prefer to exercise through different sports, going to the gym with friends, or even attending a class. While now it’s not a possibility to do these, there’s still no excuse to get those muscles moving. There are plenty of fitness apps such as Nike Training Club, Blogilates, or Shred. However, not all exercises are home friendly as they might require equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls, or even big open spaces. Therefore, we present to you a variety of home friendly workouts that you can do!

Home Friendly Workouts

Home friendly workouts
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Not all of us are lucky enough to live in homes with big open spaces like a garden. In fact, some of us who live in apartments need to keep our neighbours in mind. Which means we can’t just be jumping and running around. In addition, there are some who might have babies or young children at home who need to take naps and can’t be disturbed.

HIIT Exercises

HIIT Workout at Home
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High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, are great quick workouts which focus on high intensity exercises. HIIT is a form of cardio exercises done in short and intense bursts and the aim is to finish it feeling super exhausted. It is a great workout to do if you want to build strength and muscle endurance or lose weight.

This is a super home friendly one from MadFit that is low impact because it doesn’t require any jumping. Her instructions and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow along to. Also, I have personally done this and it will really work up a sweat.

Next, for any seasoned HIIT enthusiasts, you should check out this brutal HIIT ladder workout that is super intense. Even just watching it made me sweat. This is a quick and intense HIIT exercise that will leave you quite sore the next day.


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Yoga, pilates, stretching, breathing, and meditating are really great exercises to incorporate into your morning routine. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that yoga is easy because it isn’t! So long as your doing it right of course.

Try out this total body pilates workout from Blogilates that incorporates slow and controlled movements. She also introduces some exercises to help stretch and warm up before moving on to the tougher moves. Make sure to follow along and feel that burn.

For something that focuses more on stretching and breathing, check out this 20-minute Morning Yoga exercise. It’s perfect to get yourself really awake and energised in the morning. Additionally, it’s great for beginners!


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Lastly, bouldering and climbing have really had a boom in popularity and it seems like we all know somebody who goes climbing. Unfortunately, climbers won’t be able to hit the walls during the MCO. However, here are two workout routines that you can follow to keep your body in shape and build muscles that you use for climbing.

Firstly, this 6 minute home workout can be repeated any number of times to ensure you get the workout you want. The exercises involved try to mimic movements or work on the muscles that you use while climbing. However, you will need a pull up bar for this.

Moving on, this one from Movement for Climbers uses exercises that focus a lot on balance. After all, it is important that no matter what muscles you use, you can balance your whole body well. He also explains the exercises on various levels so you can do what’s comfortable for you.