‘Zoom’ Your Way Through The MCO With These Cool Zoom Features

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Gone are the days of Skype calls, today we have WhatsApp calls, Facebook Messenger calls, and even FaceTime. However, while these are good platforms to connect with others they also lack certain features. Sure, filters and little activities are fun but it’s not really practical sometimes. Especially now that teachers and lecturers are moving towards online learning. Zoom is a pretty cool platform to use because it can support so many features. We bet you haven’t even heard of some of these!

It’s Zoom Time

Zoom meetings
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Firstly is the foundation and very essence of the platform. Obviously a lot of users on Zoom are using it for big meetings. The platform is really good at supporting a large number of people on the same call. In fact, the basic account allows for 100 participants in a 40-minute meeting.


Next, you can host or watch video webinars which is essentially the same as attending a seminar but virtually. With Zoom you can also broadcast your webinar on Facebook Live and YouTube with built in features. In addition, you are able to mute/unmute panelists.

Team meeting
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Moving on, small companies or teams within companies can have meetings where they can conduct polls, have Q&A’s, and even virtual hand raising so you know who wants to speak up. On top of that, there is also a chat feature where the whole team can share thoughts and opinions. Forgot something your colleague said? You can opt to look through your meeting transcript!

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms
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Zoom rooms are another feature that is available although it needs to be purchased. Through this, teams can ‘book’ rooms and have meetings, turn their computers into whiteboards, and even have an integrated schedule.

Some Final Tips

Zoom background change
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Lastly, on this platform you can share photos, notes, your screen, and even your presentation deck. Everything is seamlessly integrated to give you a unified experience. One fun tip, you can change the background of your video to hide your messy room!

Zoom is available on your mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.