Top 10 Tea Houses in Singapore

Top 10 Tea Houses in Singapore
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With the emergence of hipster cafes and trendy kiosks serving gourmet coffees, ice-blended drinks and fancy bubble teas, it looks as if teahouses become a thing of the past. Well, not true. Here is where you can find them as we reveal our Top 10 Tea Houses in Singapore based on your votes.

1) Camellia Tea Bar

Camellia Tea Bar offers the best of both worlds with their premium chemical-free tea selections and homey atmosphere of a tea bar. Chloe, who runs Camellia, is known by many loyal customers for her friendliness and knowledge about tea. Even if you are a first-timer who knows little about tea, rest assured that Chloe is there to make your tea experience worth savouring for. Some of their recommended tea selections include the bittersweet “Premium Cassia” and the floral “Narcissus”. You can choose to savour the tea at the bar itself in Katong Square or purchase directly from their online store. | FB: mingcamellia | IG: @mingcamellia

2) ShanCha

Coffee, tea or sake? Shan Cha has them all under one cosy roof. They even serve other beverages and liquors like smoothies, juices, whisky and house wines. For tea lovers, Shan Cha offers the classic favourites of “Oolong Mountain Tea” and “No. 8 Black Tea” as well as cooling selections like “Iced Summer Peach Tea” and “Iced Rose Apple Tea”. A little hungry? Not a problem here, since Shan Cha includes some light dishes such as “Taiwanese Minced Rice” and “Sweet Potato Waffle” to pair with your favourite beverage. You can locate Shan Cha at Cross Street near Chinatown. | FB: shancha0711 | IG: @shanchacafe

3) Tea Chapter

Tea Chapter is no stranger to many VIP guests, ranging from the current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long to Queen Elizabeth II. They are among the most respected figures who used to try Tea Chapter’s signature Fu Jian oolong tea known as “Imperial Golden Cassia”. The good news is that everyone gets to savour the aforementioned oolong tea, as well as other range of quality teas like Su Zhou’s “Bi Luo Chun” green tea and Fu Jian’s “Hong Guan Yin” red tea. Tea Chapter also offers some light bites that complements well with your cup of tea such as dim sum platter and lotus leaf rice. Want to know more about the Chinese tea history and culture? You can even take part in their 1-hour “Tea Appreciation Package” starting from $35 above. For more info, visit this page or call 62261175. | FB: TeaChapter | IG: @tea.chapter

4) Arteastiq

Arteastiq is more than a chillout place to enjoy a cup of gourmet tea. You can even get to unleash your inner creativity by participating in their therapeutic art-jamming session. For just $48 per session, you will be provided with a free canvas alongside unlimited supplies of acrylic paints, brushes and other tools that allows you to paint to your heart’s content. Back to the tea selection, the menu is rather extensive with the likes of fruit teas, ginger teas, floral teas and Asian teas. If you are hungry, an all-day menu is available as well that covers everything from appetisers to main courses. | FB: @ArteastiqSingapore | IG: @arteastiq


Ette Tea was a brainchild of Victor Koh, a former Singapore Airlines steward and a tea salesman who has a deep passion for tea. You will find a unique range of tea blends available such as “Pandan Chiffon Tea” (roasted green tea with Osmanthus Blossoms, cinnamon and pandan leaves) and “Seri Kaya Tea” (a combination of Japanese sencha and black tea with pandan leaves and coconut bits). If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about drinking some of these familiar foods? Take “Nasi Lemak Tea”, for instance. It combines an aromatic blend of houjicha and genmaicha with other essential ingredients like coconut flakes and dried chilli to recreate the fragrant taste of nasi lemak. You can check out more products right here or visit one of Ette Tea’s retail locations throughout Singapore. | FB: Ettetea | IG: @ettetea

6) Mad About Sucre

Mad About Sucre is actually better known for their delectable bespoke patisserie, each handcrafted using seasonal ingredients. But they also happen to blend their own range of teas sourced from around the world. Every tea blends are specially made to pair with the right desserts, regardless of cakes or confections. This is to help complement both flavours while balancing the taste between sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a piece of dessert. | FB: Mad About Sucre | IG: @madaboutsucre

7) Tea Bone Zen Mind

Tea Bone Zen Mind is a hidden gem situated in two three-storey shophouses along Emerald Hill. It’s the kind of place that most tea connoisseurs who love to savour a nice cup of tea in the midst of a zen-like establishment, complete with a sense of rustic charm. Book an appointment for a tea-sampling session by calling +65 6334 4212 or fill in your detail right here. Otherwise, you can opt to drop by and check out some of their tea collections. | FB: teabonezenmindsg | IG: @teabonezenmind

8) The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

More than 140 years. Or more appropriately, it was the year 1872 that The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. made its historical debut in Singapore. They are also known as Singapore’s oldest tea company and still standing strong until today. Savour some of their award-winning tea blends such as “Blissful Berries” (fruit tea with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and hibiscus), “Timeless Earl Grey” (Ceylon black tea with cream and blue cornflower) and “Cranberry Sunrise” (black tea with cranberry pieces, apple pomace, hibiscus blossoms and orange peel). You can locate their flagship store at ION Orchard as well as Tangs outlets in Tang Plaza and Vivocity. | FB: 1872ClipperTea | IG: @1872clippertea

9) TWG Tea

TWG Tea needs no introduction. This homegrown tea brand is no stranger to most tea lovers, given their familiar yellow label and over 1,000 different range of teas to choose from. From loose teas and packaged teas to haute couture teas and fine harvest teas, TWG Tea has everything you need to satiate your taste buds. They even incorporate tea into delicacies as well such as “Black Tea Chocolate Bar”, “French Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies” and “Red of Africa Tea Jelly”. | FB: TWGTeaOfficial | IG: @twgteaofficial

10) Shinno Tea

Drinking gourmet tea can be pricey for some, but Shinno Tea ensures you can enjoy a sip without digging deep into your wallet. They offer a range of classic tea blends like pu er, jasmine, iron buddha (Tieguanyin) and long jing (Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea). Additionally, you can purchase their products online, enjoy free delivery and even earn reward points with every purchase! | FB: | IG: @shinnotea

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