German Circus Proves That Holograms And CGI Are The Future

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All of us know the concept of a circus, animals like horses, bears, and elephants perform tricks. There are also acrobatic acts and people doing tricks on a trapeze. A movie was even produced about a circus run by P.T Barnum. Now a circus in Germany has shown that technology is the future.

Lately with the increase of concern for animal treatment, many people have been criticising circuses for their use of animals. Many of these animals are mistreated to become show elements.

Circus Roncalli has gotten rid of animals and are now using holograms to blow their audience away. Now an ethereal looking elephant walks around the ring before balancing on its front two legs.

A giant goldfish swims in the middle of the ring, looking at the crowd before it transforms into something else. One can even see the circus logo of a bear in a hot air balloon waving at audience members.

There are even horses that stampede in circles around the ring, chasing after each other.

Having the concept of these holograms allows for the circus to avoid using real animals. It is projecting the old dusty circus into the future.

Audience members can still feel that ‘WOW’ factor, especially since this is such a new concept. It is definitely a good step towards better treatment of animals.

The biggest concern with animals is that most of them are mistreated and overworked. Some may not be fed properly while others may be abused as a way to maintain dominance over them.

Most of them spend hours upon hours practising tricks that their bodies are not meant for. A giant elephant balancing on its two front legs while a lion jumps through a hoop of fire.

These are not challenges they would face in their natural habitat. When many fail a trick, they might be beaten by the circus folks.

Thus, it is so good to see a circus putting the effort into having a better concept while incorporating technology.