8 Things You Can Buy Via Facebook Live Besides Seafood

things you can buy via facebook live

It’s all about keeping with the times in order to survive! The world is constantly changing at a rapid pace, and we have also got to change and adapt to new ways of doing things. For the longest time, the only way to buy things was to go down to the stores physically. Now, we have online shopping, delivery services and also Facebook Live shows for you to buy items. In fact, Facebook Live shows are becoming extremely popular, thanks to hosts that are entertaining while promoting their items. It’s like, what’s not to love? I get to shop, and be entertained at the same time! Besides seafood, which is probably the pioneer Facebook Live item, here are 8 other things you can buy via Facebook Live!

1) Clothes

There are several options to shop for clothes. You can shop in-store, or shop online on so many different platforms: the possibilities are endless. Or, you can also shop via Facebook Live. What happens is that on Facebook Live, you can see how the clothes would fit on a real-live person. Each product usually has its own code, and you comment the code and size in the comments if you want it. HLA is one of the clothing brands venturing into the Facebook Live option, but there are also other small apparel operators doing the same thing!


2) Snacks

Let’s face it, we Malaysians really do love our snacks. And nothing actually makes us want to eat more than seeing another person eat! During these Facebook Live sessions, the vendor introduces the products, and also eats them right there and then, describing the food to you. From there, it’s simple. If you want it, you comment. You can check out Nimaco Snack to start off, though it’s unsure how often they go live.


3) Fruits

Now you can even get fruits via livestreams! We’re not sure if you’ve come across durian livestreams as it’s currently in season, but it’s not just durians. Depending on each vendor, you can get a variety of fresh fruits as well! The concept is the same; you want it, you comment. To check out what a fruit livestream is like, you can try visiting The Fruits King.


4) Feng Shui Items

What a world we live in! We can even get feng shui items via livestreams now? You best believe it, because that’s what we see on Crystal Palace Malaysia. As you can probably guess, they deal mainly with crystals, and their crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you believe in crystals or feng shui or not, it’s pretty interesting to see anyway!

Crystal bracelets

5) Pork

So we can get seafood via livestreams. That’s not new, but what’s new is that you can get pork via livestreams now too! Jimeat seems to be the first ever pork livestream vendor, and they actually just made their debut on 15th July a few days ago. If you’re looking for a convenient method to get pork, this could be it!


6) Furniture

Yeah, the items are getting bigger and bigger, it seems. If you don’t want to go down to the warehouse, showrooms or IKEA, this could be another option for you. You can check out Flexis Haus, where hosts “test” the furniture for you, for example a sofa. They sit, bounce around, lie down and even intentionally spill things onto the sofa to demonstrate its qualities. They also show you exact measurements so that you know if it’s suitable for your space.


7) Pet Snacks

It’s not just snacks for yourself you can get, but for your furkid as well! At Doggy Bossy, they provide pet snacks mainly for dogs. From time to time, they may have promotions or giveaways, so the best way to stay updated is by following their Facebook page. Whether you’re looking for well-known brands or handmade snacks, Doggy Bossy provides them!

pet snacks

8) Ladies’ Items

It’s no secret that lots of women love shopping, and naturally there’s a platform where ladies can get all the items they need. From beauty products to supplements, Hawooo provides them all. Hawooo has been steadily increasing in popularity, and they feature products from Taiwan, mainly.

beauty products

Of course, if you’re still looking to get some fresh seafood on Facebook, here’s our Facebook Live Fish Markets article for you to check out!