Malaysia’s Top 10 Healthy Snack Brands

Malaysia's Top 10 Healthy Snack Brands
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As more people strive to become healthier, the awareness on food habits also evolves. Still, as healthy as fruits and veggies are, sometimes we just crave for a sweet treat or something that is both tasty and nutritious. Luckily, there are many Malaysian companies that share similar sentiments and are striving to make healthy snacking a beloved habit of locals. Next time you get a case of the munchies, check out these Malaysia’s Top 10 Healthy Snack Brands!

1) BlackNbeige Cravings


Imagine snacking on a delicious chocolate brownie and not having to feel bad about it. Well, imagine no more, because BlackNbeige Cravings has made it a reality, thanks to their Walnut Brownie made from organic brown sugar and imported Dark Chocolate. They also have parfaits and detox drinks. Another specialty is their ChiaOats, which comes with almond milk and fresh fruits, making for a filling snack or breakfast. Delivery is available within Klang Valley.

FB: blacknbeige | IG: @blacknbeigecravings

2) Sweet French Life


Here you’ll find French inspiration throughout, in the item names as well as the chic sophistication in the choices available. You’ll find granolas with low sugar content and high fibre melded with organic flavours of coconut oil and honey, nuts and dried fruits. They also have spreads that you can liven up your snacks with, like chocolate or hazelnut. Purchase your goods online and they can be delivered to you. | FB: sweetfrenchlife | IG: @sweetfrenchlife

3) Rawsome


Chia Seeds are all the rage these days, with their many health benefits that aid in nutrition and keep people feeling full throughout the day. Rawsome has taken it one notch higher by offering Chia Seed Pudding! If that’s not something you’re into, check out their savoury TomYam chips or sweet Dragonfruit chips. Snacks for kids are also an important addition here, so parents can introduce their little ones to healthy yet yummy treats. Delivery is available for certain areas, or you could head on over to one of their many stockists to get your fix. | FB: rawsomeawesome | IG: @_rawsome

4) The Kettlebowl


Nick and Nell are Crossfit enthusiasts whose love of fitness eventually evolved into a love of healthy snacks. At Kettlebowl, you’ll find snacks made weekly from imported organic granola and nuts. You can buy the Items online and have them couriered to you, or you can also visit one of their “Partner Granola Hubs” to get them yourself. | FB: thekettlebowl | IG: @thekettlebowl

5) Amazin’Graze


You’ll be singing their praises once you see their selection of snacks. Get nut butters, granolas, fruits and more, in the prettiest packaging to boot! They believe that instead of eating less, one should eat well, and this is reflected in their choices which are raw snacks made from only the most nutritious ingredients. Orders will be mailed to you. | FB: amazingraze | IG:

6) Vie Verte


A little chocolate can never hurt, especially if it’s 75% dark chocolate. At Vie Verte, you can get many cacao products like Cacao Nibs.  Other than that they also sell mixed dried fruits and dried lemons. Purchases can be made via their Facebook page.

FB: vieverte88 | IG: @vie.verte

7) Shia’s Homemade Granola


This one takes us all the way to Penang, so island dwellers have their very own healthy snack! Granola is the main player here as well, but it is sold in a Smoothie Bowl, for a power-packed snack. You can choose a bowl based on your preferred fruit. Look out also for their specialty products, like caramel sauce and various fruit jams. In addition to their own store, their granolas are also stocked throughout Penang Island in other shops. Klang Valley folks can also find their products in certain locations. | FB: shiasgranola | IG: @shiasgranola

8) Bonyu Ba


If artisan granola bars are more your speed, check out Bonyu Ba. You can get a set of 6 500 gram bars in a variety of flavours like chocolate, goji berries, and blueberries. Ingredients are of the finest quality, with some even imported. Shop online or drop them a message on Facebook to find out more.

FB: bonyubars | IG: @bonyuba

9) Krunchy Karamel Almond


Nuts can be bland on their own, but Krunchy Karamel Almond uses the tempting and sweet flavours of caramel to enhance the natural goodness of their nuts. With several options available such as peanuts and mixed nuts. Their nuts are stocked in many different locations, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to find out where.

FB: krunchykaramelalmond | IG: @krunchykaramelalmond

10) Signature Snack


Signature Snack assures that their products are 100% natural and free from preservatives. With their user-friendly system, all you have to do is select a subscription package of either 1,3, 6, or 12 months, choose from over 50 snack options, and the snacks will be delivered to you. | FB: signaturesnack | IG: @signaturesnack

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