The Bin Bag Challenge Is The Internet’s Latest Crazy Challenge

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A lot of challenges have taken over the Internet. Some were for good causes such as the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge. Others were a bit on the dangerous side like the Cinnamon challenge. The newest challenge that everyone is trying is the bin bag challenge and it’s strange.

What’s The Challenge?

The bin bag challenge has people climbing and sitting in large bin bags. The kind that you use to put all the garbage in. A vacuum hose is then put into the bag and the person tightly holds the opening of the bag close. This is to prevent any air from going in during the challenge.

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Once the vacuum is turned on, all the air is sucked out of the bag. It basically looks like somebody vacuum packed a human. Kind of like how you find vacuum packed produce in the grocery store.

Some people have mentioned that it looks like they were wearing a jumpsuit.

Danger Ahead!

This challenge can actually be dangerous. When done alone, the person in the bag is unable to escape. Once they are sealed they can’t move around in the bag which means they can’t turn off the vacuum.

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One person was stuck on his kitchen floor for about two hours waiting for his parents to come home and help.

Another concern with this challenge is that it could choke the person. The top of the bag is tightly sealed around their neck as a way to prevent air from entering. The force of the bag can cause strangulation and choke the person.

The biggest concern is that this challenge is being done by parents on their young kids. Even though the child may be giggling and their heads can be seen, it is still a dangerous challenge.

Even though challenges can be fun and interesting to watch, we should always be careful of any safety concerns.