Fake Panadol Seems To Be A Rising Problem In Malaysia; How To Spot Fakes

Image credit: therakyatpost.com and panadol.com.au

Paracetamol is a pretty common medicine that is taken to treat pain and fever. The most popular brand of paracetamol that we take is Panadol. In fact, the two are almost synonymous in our heads. However, it seems that fake Panadol is becoming a pressing issue here in Malaysia.

Fake Panadol

Recently, a pharmacist and part-time blogger named Zeff Tan posted regarding the situation on his Facebook page. In the post he highlights the difference between a real strip of Panadol and a fake one.

There are four main things that we can look out for to identify any fake Panadol.

Firstly, the texture of the product is different. Secondly, look out for the drug registration number (MAL number). Next, check the material of the packaging of the drug. Lastly, make sure to look at the cutting craft of the pill itself.

Pharmacist Zeff also posted some pictures to show the differences that can be found.

Packaging and Registration Number

Image credit: therakyatpost.com

In the above image you can see that the packaging of fake Panadol is not shiny at all. The registration number has also been changed. Every strip of Panadol will have the same registration number that has been established by the Government.

To make sure that the number on your strip is accurate you can check it at the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency. You can either input the registration number or search up the numbers that are under Panadol.

Company Name Misspelled

Image Credit: mothership.sg

Another thing to look out for is that the company name has been misspelled. Just to note, the official manufacturing company of Panadol is GlaxoSmithKline. The fake Panadol strip is spelling it out as ClaxoSmithKline.

Cutting of the Pill

Image credit: therakyatpost.com

The cutting of the fake pill is irregular in shape and also has cracks. The real Panadol pill has more of a smooth finish and looks professionally cut.

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Image credit: facebook.com/PH.ZEFF

You can see that the pill on the left which is the fake one has a very rough and uneven cut. Meanwhile, the real pill on the right is smooth and whiter.

Now that this problem has been highlighted, please be aware and cautious when taking Panadol. Make sure to be on the alert and spread this message to your friends and family. You can also contact the consumer relations team at 1800 88 3225 if you have any concerns about their products.