Top 10 Ballet Schools in Singapore

Top 10 Ballet Schools in Singapore
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Ballet dancing looks deceptively easy, but behind all that grace is a core of steel, and much blood, sweat and tears. Besides dancing to express oneself creatively, along with it comes endurance, strength, discipline and perseverance. If you’ve ever thought about learning the art of ballet, you can start off by checking out these Top 10 Ballet Schools in Singapore!

1) Dancepointe Academy Singapore

Dancepointe Academy

Dancepointe Academy (DPA) believes in Dance as an Education and aims to nurture their young students into all-rounded dancers with their comprehensive curriculum and “beyond classroom” learning opportunities. Led by founder & principal Ms Lena Foo along with her team of RAD certified, well-trained, and experienced instructors, their dance training programmes are customised and tailored for students according to their age and ability. Kids as young as three can start their ballet foundation in an enjoyable way through their fun, creative and thematic teaching methodology. DPA offers the full spectrum of certified  RAD courses for beginners to vocational levels and highly specialised competition training programmes for students aged 6 – 15. You can book a trial class right here! | FB: | IG: @dancepointeacademysingapore

2) City Ballet Academy

City Ballet Academy

City Ballet Academy covers a comprehensive lesson in all things ballet, beginning with the Creative Movement programme. Here, children will learn the fundamental techniques related to the likes of movement, coordination and body awareness. They also have ballet classes for Pre-primary & Primary students as well as advanced training for intermediate students and pre-professionals. Ready to take your first step? Simply book a trial right here. | FB: CityBalletAcademy | IG:

3) The Ballet School

The Ballet School

The Ballet School’s primary aim is to nurture their young students into all-rounded dancers with a highly-competitive spirit and skills. Led by founder & principal Audrey Ng along with her team of well-trained and experienced instructors, their ballet training programmes are tailored for children and adults. Young kids from the age of 2 1/2 years can start early, where they get to learn and familiarise themselves with the basics. Other classes, namely the Vocational – Royal Academy of Dance (UK) and Elite Programmes are for those who are considering a career in ballet. For adults, they have ballet classes that emphasise the importance of flexibility as well as body alignment and posture. For more info, you can contact or visit one of their few branches throughout Singapore. | FB: TheBalletSchool.SG | IG: @theballetschoolsg

4) Cheng Ballet Academy

Cheng Ballet Academy

Experience world-class training at Cheng Ballet Academy, who offers professional ballet lessons taught by highly-experienced instructors. Beginners as young as 3 years of age get to learn the basic elements of movement and coordination. And that is not all, as qualified young dancers will have the opportunity to be handpicked as part of the academy’s Youth Ballet Company members. Selected individuals not only get the chance to train in world-renowned dance institutes but are also able to perform and compete against the best abroad. | FB: ChengBallet | IG: @chengballetacademy

5) Yan Ballet Academy

Yan Ballet Academy

For the past six years since its establishment in 2014, Yan Ballet Academy has already accomplished a tremendous feat. And that includes winning over hundreds of medals, with the most notable achievement being bagging the first Singaporean gold medal at the Asian Grand Prix. The eponymous founder herself (Wang Yan) has a decade of experience performing as a soloist for the Shanghai Ballet Company. She uses the world-renowned Vaganova Method to help students increase their body awareness, strength and flexibility. Classes are available for all ages, beginning from 3 years and above. You can also book a trial right here. | FB: yanballetacademy | IG: @yanballetacademy

6) The Ballet Academy

The Ballet Academy

Founded in 2015, The Ballet Academy is an accredited Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet school that offers a wide range of programmes for both children and adults. Kids as young as 2 1/2 years can start their journey right here, beginning with Dance To Your Tune classes that teach the basics of body coordination with an emphasis on creativity. TBA also offers the full spectrum of RAD ballet and vocational grades for all ages and abilities – including teen and adult beginners. Additionally, non-syllabus adult ballet and fitness classes and private lessons are available. Book a trial class here! | FB: theballetacademy.tba | IG:

7) BarreWorks Dance Studio

BarreWorks Dance Studio

Discover your passion for dancing regardless of classical ballet or contemporary at BarreWorks Dance Studio! Committed to make dance an enjoyable and rewarding experience, they offer several classes designed for different ages and levels. Beginning with Baby Ballet for age 3-5, children will have the opportunity to learn fundamental skills in both physical and expressive manners with the help of music and props. Syllabus for pre-primary to intermediate students are available as well from age 5 and above. Apart from providing comprehensive dance lessons, students can look forward to a safe and comfortable environment, complete with professional Harlequin sprung floors and dance mats. | FB: barreworkssg | IG: @barreworkssg

8) J’aime Ballet Academy

J'aime Ballet Academy

A registered Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) teacher herself, Jaime Pang has been teaching ballet since 2004. In 2014, she opened her own eponymous academy that offers classes for children from age 5 to adults. Other than teaching her students all the essential lessons in ballet, J’aime Ballet Academy also provides the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and yearly ballet examinations. You can locate her academy at Marine Parade Community Club or Leng Kee Community Centre. | FB: jaimeballetacademy | IG: @jaimeballetacademy

9) Jeté Studios

Jeté Studios

Located at Tampines Central 1 near Tampines MRT, the spacious 1,200 sq ft Jeté Studios stands out with their unique Jeté+ curriculum that incorporates the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical ballet syllabus as well as other Complementary Dance genres such as jazz and contemporary dance. Developed by Ms Pang Ling, Principal of Jeté Studios with over 20+ years of teaching experience, Jeté+ offers a unique dance pedagogy based on her proven experience to help nurture young dancers to become holistic, well-rounded dancers. | FB: JeteStudios | IG: @jetestudios

10) Palais Dance Studio

Palais Dance Studio

With an illustrious history stretching over 30 years, Palais Dance Studio is no stranger to teaching ballet to both beginners and advanced students. Kids age 4 and above can take part in their Beginner Ballet Classes, with basic lessons covering the likes of movement and expression. They have the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)-graded syllabus classes as well, providing the students with an opportunity to expand their potential and talents. Private ballet lessons are also available for those who prefer a more personalised, one-to-one approach from its Vice-Principal Ching Ching Teo, who is appointed as a RAD Examiner. | FB: palaisdancestudio | IG: @palaisdancestudio

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