Buzz Buzz, Are You A Fan of Honey? You Might Want To Check These Out!

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Honey has been known for its health benefits such as improving heart health and being better at blood sugar management. It is also rich in antioxidants which can help in preventing conditions like premature aging and type 2 diabetes. Add on the fact that honey tastes good, it is not too difficult to include it on our diet. Not surprising as well that honey is good for our skin – raw honey can be used to treat acne, heal scars and even out skin tone.

If you are into all the goodness that is honey, check out these products made from honey that you can eat, drink, or apply on your skin:

1. Daler’s Honey Cake

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the honey cakes made by actor Daler Yusuf is based on his late grandmother’s recipe from Uzbekistan. Honey cake is basically a layer cake made with sponge cake and cream filling with the main ingredient being honey. Available as a whole cake, half cake or in slices of 4, Daler’s honey cake will definitely delight not just the honey lovers but everyone in general. His menu has also extended to include other sweet delicacies such as Spartak Russian Chocolate, Napaleon Russian Milky and the latest addition, Safron cake.

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2. Torte By Linda

Specialising in Russian cakes and pastries since 2012, Torte by Linda has been baking delicious desserts that are 100% halal for her customers to enjoy – and they have even been delivered to as far as Delhi! Other than the Tort Classic Medovik (also known as honey cake), other amazing honey delights include Tort Prazdnichniy (which is made with honey and chocolate layers) and their Honey Fruit Cake. They also provide ready baked honey layers – all you have to do is frost and decorate to make your own honey cake. You can find her products on Shopee or Beep!

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3. Jungle House

“Where honey meet delicious” – with such a motto at Jungle House, you can be sure that all the products there not only carry the goodness that is honey but are also satisfactory to our tastebuds as well. Founded by husband-and-wife Paul and Ashley after their adventurous trip into the jungles of Indonesia, they were inspired by the indigenous bee hunters they met on their journey. Since then, Jungle House has grown to eight retail outlets and a newly opened café in Bangsar where patrons get to try all things honey through their beverages and desserts.

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4. Dorsata Honey

Dorsata Honey is produced by Apis Dorsata, a type of wild primitive bees found in Malaysia’s rainforest (the world’s fourth oldest). Harvested with a lot of care and love to conserve wild bee colonies, this is done to ensure the long-term viability and preservation of Malaysia’s forest as a legacy for future generations. Every drop of Dorsata Honey is packed with phytonutrients – to nourish, rejuvenate, and bring health and healing to the body. With 7 different types of honey, each one contains different medicinal values to help improve your health. You can purchase their products through their website, Shopee or Lazada!

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5. TAITAI Honey

Proudly made in Malaysia, Tai Tai is on a mission to make you drink more honey. Using only local honey, they find, pair, and infuse honey with ingredients such as dong gui, goji berry and red dates to create unique combinations that not only taste good but inspire people to try them out. One of their best-selling products is their convenient raw honey pack – you just have to add water or your choice of beverage such as fruit tea or milk into the pack, give it a shake and a yummy honey drink is ready for you to consume. It’s so convenient, you can’t make any excuse now!

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6. Wild & Raw

Made from stingless bee honey, Wild & Raw specialises in energy drinks and raw food that can be incorporated into your journey to a healthier, better body. In case you didn’t know, stingless bees, as their name implies, do not sting, and they are a common form of bee found on practically every continent. Their honey is known for their antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturising properties. All good things that add to the reason you should consider drinking stingless bee honey in your next workout or outdoor adventure. Choose from four flavours – farm, Iranian apple, osmanthus, and Iranian blood orange!

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7. Ratasya Cosmetics

As mentioned above, honey is great for skin the too and this homegrown brand has utilised all the benefits of honey in their lip matte line, the Sesuatu Sangat edition. Ratasya Cosmetics, a local cosmetic brand founded by Malaysian singer, Siti Sarah Raissuddin often uses honey in their cosmetic products. Their latest edition of lip matte contains beeswax, honey extract and royal jelly as its main ingredients to keep your lips healthy and moisturised with every use. With 5 colours to choose from, there is a shade for everyone!

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8. Chuck’s

Founded by influencer and content creator Jane Chuck, Chuck’s is a beauty product line with a few offerings including the Self Love For All Honey Cream and Self Love Moisturising Honey Mask. If your skin is in need of some love and care, the Self Love For All Honey Cream contains 42% royal jelly extract that is full of natural vitamins and minerals to nourish and soothe your skin. Or you can also try the Self Love Moisturising Honey Mask that is made with 80% royal jelly extract to achieve that fresh and dewy complexion.

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