8 Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies You Can Order In Klang Valley

8 Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies You Can Order In Klang Valley

Cookies are the ultimate comfort snack. The kind that you can enjoy any time of the day best paired with a glass of milk, tea or coffee. The same goes for homemade chocolate chip cookies. And that being said, here are 8 Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies You Can Order in Klang Valley for snacking!

1) The Skinny Bakers

Eniza Ellias and Rogaya Ahmad, the daughter-and-mother team who co-founded The Skinny Bakers, specialise in both soft and crunchy cookie varieties. Baked fresh on a daily basis using real ingredients, they have various cookies available. Among their bestsellers include the Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milo Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can locate them at Subang Jaya SS15, Central I-City and The Curve Mutiara Damansara. They also offer online delivery as well.

The Skinny Bakers' freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
Image Credit: @theskinnybakers

2) All About Chew

Just like the name itself, this KL-based All About Chew knows a thing or two about baking delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies. Soft and chewy on the inside, each of their cookies is packed with ooey-gooey goodness of chocolate chips. To place your order, simply WhatsApp them right here.

Soft-baked Chocolate Chip Cookies From All About Chew
Image Credit: picuki.com

3) Signature Market

The KL-based Signature Market primarily sells its natural and organic goods online, offering everything from nuts to dried fruits and… cookies. Take their Dark Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies, for instance; all baked fresh using premium ingredients and individually wrapped in a sturdy box. And given their dedication in promoting a healthy lifestyle, their cookies are completely gluten-free with no artificial colouring, flavouring or trans-fat whatsoever.

Dark Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies From Signature Market
Image Credit: signaturemarket.co

4) Kukimon

If you love your cookies chocolatey and buttery, you might want to give this Puchong-based Kukimon a try. Using only premium ingredients such as Belgian chocolate chips and 100% pure butter, their cookies are free from preservatives. They are available in three different pack sizes including Snack Pack (80g), Super Pack (150g), Mega Pack (500g) and 5-Pack Combo from RM 7.00 onwards. You can shop their cookies from their official e-store or Shopee.

Kukimon Chocolate Chip Cookies (Super Pack)
Image Credit: kukimon.com

5) Baked KL

A home-based online bakery specialising in cookies, whoopie pies and brownies, Baked KL’s range of homemade goods are all baked fresh upon order. For the former, their bestseller turns out to be the crispy Triple Choc Cookies made with a combination of dark chocolate and dark chocolate chips. Alternatively, you can try their Chewy Choc Cookies with added oatmeal and almonds. Both cookies are available in 140g and 200g resealable kraft pouches, starting from RM18.00 onwards.

BakedKL Chewy Choc Cookies
Image Credit: @BakedKL

6) Taqookies

Taqookies has been baking homemade cookies since 2017, offering various flavours made with all-natural ingredients. First up is their Smol Collection, which features bite-sized crunchy cookies. Chocolate chip lovers might want to try their bestselling Sea Salt Chocolate Chip and Belgian Double Chocolate Chip — both of which are available from a 25g sampler pack (RM 3.25) up to 300g (RM 34.50). Those who prefer their chocolate chip cookies big, soft and chewy can opt for Taqookies’ gooey Double or Salted Chocolate Chip varieties (RM 4.00 each). Taqookies’ range of cookies can be located at selected retailers as well as their online e-store.

Taqookies Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
Image Credit: taqookies.com

7) Sweet Palate

Sweet Palate doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to baking homemade cookies. Which is why they make their products in small batches using the best ingredients available. And that includes everything from premium Belgian chocolate to cocoa powder and pure butter. Plus, all of their cookies contain no artificial flavours and preservatives. For chocolate chip lovers, they have the good old-fashioned Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies (RM 20.00) — a combination of chocolate chips and roasted hazelnut chunks. Can’t get enough chocolate in one cookie? Their bestselling Triple Chocolate Cookies (RM 20.00) should be your next checklist, with sinfully rich Belgian chocolate as well as chocolate chips and cocoa powder all combined. Shop for their cookies online right here.

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies From Sweet Palate
Image Credit: @SweetPalateDessertStudio

8) California Cookie Company

The Desa Sri Hartamas-based California Cookie Company specialises in authentic American baked goods — a result from Adrian’s two decades’ worth of experience when he was in New York and California. To recreate the same flavours and textures he used to enjoy back then, he insists that only premium all-natural ingredients are used for the baking process. For the cookie range, you can find three variants here: Golden Gate Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies and First Date Cookies. The latter is the combination of double dark chocolate and Belgium’s Callebaut dark chocolate chips with French sea salt. Simply WhatsApp your order(s) to Adrian at 012-492 2016.

Chocolate Chip Cookies From California Cookie Company
Image Credit: @CaliforniaCookie