Beauty In The Pot at The Gardens Mall Coming Soon!

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Good news for all the hotpot lovers! First you had Hai Di Lao, and now you’re having Beauty In The Pot! Currently still just only available at Genting Highlands, the well-known, popular, beautifying hotpot is coming down to KL. That’s right, no more long drives up the hill just for some soup, for Beauty In The Pot is coming to The Gardens Mall!

Beauty In The Pot

Beauty In The Pot is exactly what it sounds like, for its signature soup base is none other than popular beauty product collagen. Inspired by the culture of food for health, every mouthful of soup you take is bursting with flavour and nutrition. The reason why they’re so popular is that they have created their own array of nourishing soup bases, bringing warmth and health to one customer at a time!

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Six Soup Bases

Beauty In The Pot has six soup bases for you to choose from, so never worry that you’ll be stuck with only “collagen” as your choice. The soup bases are:

  • Signature Beauty Collagen Broth (Scallop & Pork Bone Soup)
  • Signature Spicy Nourishing Soup (Pork Bone Soup)
  • Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth
  • Cooling Coconut Broth
  • Longevity Wild Mushroom Broth (Vegetarian)
  • Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn Broth

Each of the soup bases are distinct enough from the others, so which will you pick?

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Be Spoilt For Choice

Besides six different soup bases, Beauty In The Pot also provides a spectacular selection of premium ingredients. Choose from pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, noodles… as if that’s not good enough, you could also choose your own meat varieties for the pork and beef! Oh, and do try out their recommended Signature Homemade Fish Tofu, which is prepared daily for a melt-in-your-mouth texture – absolutely heavenly! Last but not least, we Malaysians do love our sauces and condiments, and they have more than 20 of them for your selection.

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It does sound rather good, doesn’t it? While we won’t deny that hotpot is best served during chilly weather i.e. up in Genting, we’re also majorly happy that it’s coming to a more convenient location! Keep an eye out for the official launch date, because as far as we know, it hasn’t been announced yet!