9 Reasons Why Bangsarian Will Never Leave Bangsar

9 Reasons Why Bangsarian Will Never Leave Bangsar
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Bangsar used to be a rubber estate back then. It has seen its share of growth and is now one of the most matured areas in Klang Valley. Today, besides being a retail hub, Bangsar is also home to many residents including both locals and expatriates. Here are 9 reasons why Bangsarian will never leave Bangsar.

1) There’s everything you need in the vicinity.

Malls, grocery stores, banks, or mamaks. You name it, Bangsar has it. Convenience is one of the reasons why Bangsarian will never leave Bangsar.

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2) It doesn’t take you too long to go to other places.

Bangsar boasts its strategic location. If one ever needed to leave Bangsar to go to other places such as PJ, Hartamas,or KL, it would only take you 15 mins.

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3) All friends come to you

“Eh Yum Cha where tonight?” “Bangsar lah!”. Because of its strategic location, all friends come to you for gathering sessions.

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4) You can always get your coffee fix

Lucky you Bangsarian.

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5) There are always places to chill and relax.

Whether you are looking for a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon or a glass or two during the night time, Bangsar has got you covered.

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6) Wide selection of good food

From Western cuisine to fusion food, Bangsar has a lot to offer when it comes to good food.

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7) Bangsar is a heaven for the ladies.

Given the number of beauty parlours such as nail salons, hair salons and so on, ladies living in Bangsar are surely spoilt for choice.

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8) A great place with good vibes.

Good place, good people and good vibes. This is what Bangsar is all about.

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9) Bangsar has the best banana leaf rice.

Nuff said.

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