Malaysia’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers
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Whether you like to live vicariously through the travel experiences of others, or take inspiration from them for your own holidays, travel bloggers can offer great insight and tips on travelling. Here are 10 Malaysians who have made a name for themselves by doing just that – travelling and logging their experiences online for all to enjoy. These are Malaysia’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers!

1) Faizal Fredley

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

KL-ite Faizal Fredley is only in his late twenties, but is already very well-travelled for his age. Currently a post-graduate student, he also is the CEO of his own company, and a trained engineer. Travel however, is his passion. He’s travelled to a variety of places, from Indonesia to Prague. His blog, which is predominantly written in Bahasa Malaysia, features logs of his travels as well as tips for solo travellers. | FB: faizalfredleynetwork| IG: @faizalfredley

2) Mei Mei Chu

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Ladies, if you’ve ever dreamed of travelling solo, back-packing around the world even, Mei Mei Chu’s blog should be on your must-read list. She was bitten by the travel bug at 18, on a trip to Colorado, and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she hopes that her travel experiences will empower other budding female travellers, especially those who want to travel alone. This self-professed “midnight blogger” writes heartfelt recollections of her travels, peppered with important tips and insights. | FB: meixchu| IG: @meixchu


Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

This Sabahan lass has won several accolades for her blogging, and usually her content focuses on the food adventures she has on her travels. Some of her entries are bilingual, in English and Chinese, to reach a wider audience. Turkey, Laos, Dubai and the UK are just some of the places she’s travelled to, but her blog posts on Sabah itself are just as informative for anyone who wants to venture there. She also sometimes shares vlogs of her travels, so you get a written and visual perspective. | FB: meitzeupage | IG: @meitzeu

4) Bound for Two

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Bound for Two is a blog by a married couple, Sky and Summer, who travel together and intend to travel the four corners of the earth. In particular, their blog focuses on their trips around Asia, with tips on how to travel whilst on a budget, and hotel/food reviews. Follow them as they try to visit all the places that are on their very own “40ish” list. They love beach holidays, cultural excursions and of course taking lots of photos along the way. | FB: BoundForTwo| IG: @boundfortwo

5) Always Travelicious

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

KJ writes for Always Travelicious, and though she is of Taiwanese descent, she’s based in Malaysia and Indonesia. Check the tabs on her blog to go straight to a specific destination, and you’ll get tips on where to eat, good sight-seeing options and information on certain attractions as well. Travel, food and photography are her passions, and you’ll get a good dose of all three from her blog. | FB: alwaystravelicious | IG: @atravelicious

6) Alexandra Luella Travel Blog

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Alexandra is all about venturing to less-travelled places, and discovering things to love there. She’s very much interested in learning about different cultures and sharing the stories she hears on her travels. This “Malaysian-Londoner” as she calls herself, has travelled to places like Denmark and Croatia, and is always stylish no matter where she goes. In fact she’s even shared posts on what to wear whilst travelling. Follow in her chic footsteps and have a fashionable holiday of your own! | FB: alxndrluella| IG: @alxndrluella

7) My Travellicious

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Fun-loving and amiable, Fadli is the backbone of My Travellicious, and he hails from Kuching, Sarawak. He is passionate about backpacking, and writing about his journeys. In addition to blogging in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, he also has ventured into vlogging his travels. Whichever medium you choose, you’ll be treated to stellar photography and videography skills. He’s quite the adventurer, so expect to see magnificent outdoor sights. | FB: mytravellicious | IG: @mytravellicious

8) CC Food Travel

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Mei and Jo, the founders of CC Food Travel, initially started the blog with the humble intention to journal their travels online. Little did they know that their stories would gain lots of attention. Today, they’ve got a well-curated blog that highlights their many adventures – truly a dream blog for any aspiring wanderluster. They have ventured to the Middle East, Europe and Asia, and wrote all about it, with stunning pictures to boot! | FB: ccfoodtravel | IG: @ccfoodtravel

9) Places And Foods

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

If the title of the blog isn’t enough of a hint, adventures of the gastronomic kind are very important here. This blog is perfect for those with families – it’s written by a husband and wife team who travel with their children. Food is a common theme that comes up in many posts, with reviews of certain cafes and restaurants. In addition to their own experiences and some sponsored content, you will also find food and travel related news. | FB: placesandfoodspage | IG: @placesandfoods

10) Ramble and Wander

Malaysia's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

RaW is the man behind Ramble and Wander – and that’s exactly what he likes to do, ramble, wander, and photograph what he sees. He’s won awards for his efforts, not just his blogs but his videography which can be viewed on YouTube. Check out his blog for these and more, including posts on travel tips, and great airfares for international flights. His photos are stunning too, and have been featured on BBC Travel, CNN and Lonely Planet – among others. | FB: RambleAndWander | IG: @rambleandwander

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