Could KFC Crocs Be The New Fashion Style We’re Going For?

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KFC has been expanding their brand and venturing into retail. In fact, their recent collaboration with Pestle & Mortar Clothing left some of us confused. Why? Because we never knew we wanted a collaboration of that kind. Now, in their latest move, KFC Crocs seem to be the latest creation.


When Crocs were first released into the fashion world, there were a lot of mixed reviews. Some people hated it with such passion, others didn’t really care, and there were a lot who loved it.

Crocs with Buttons
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Crocs have proven themselves to be above the hate and are still pretty relevant. In fact, one trend that started was to buy little buttons and charms to put in the holes of Crocs. With this new trend, people were really on board as they could customise their own pairs.

Are KFC Crocs the Collaboration We Need?

Moving on, to prove that they are still thriving, the shoe company is now working with our popular fried chicken brand. KFC Crocs are the results of this partnership and frankly it’s left some of us scratching our heads.

Why? Well firstly in their promotional video we see MLMA working the fryers. In case you didn’t know, MLMA is also known as Me Love Me Alot and is known for her hand painted, maximalist graffiti-style clothing designs. In fact, Billie Eilish is a fan!

But what does MLMA have to do with fried chicken and crocs?

KFC Crocs
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Next, we are introduced to the two variations of the KFC Crocs. One features a platform-style heel while the other takes shape of the conventional Crocs. Both have an interesting design of fried chicken and the signature red and white KFC print.

On the platform-style heel version we even get to see half of Colonel Sanders’ familiar face. In addition, each shoe will come with a fried chicken Jibbitz charm which both looks and SMELLS like fried chicken.

While no official date is set, the KFC crocs will be available sometime in Spring this year. It is expected to be priced at $60 a pair. Stay tuned to find out more details!