9 Fun Indoor Date Ideas To Go On With Your S/O in Singapore

Image credit: Axe Factor & The Fragment Room

Going on dates is a fun way to spend time with your partner but you run out of ideas on what to do after some time. There are also moments where you want to do something new and exciting with your S/O but you are afraid of the unpredictable weather in Singapore which might ruin your plans.

Good news for all you lovebirds, here are 9 interesting and fun date ideas that are located indoors for you to spend some quality time together!

1. Heaven Spot

Let go of your inhibitions and let your inner rebel come out to play at Singapore’s first graffiti warehouse! Did you have a bad week at work? Got into an argument with your siblings? Your delivery is late? 😅 Head over with your bae to this community driven space where you are encouraged to express how you really feel through the art of graffiti. Getting started is easy – book your slot, show up in comfortable clothes, grab your cans and start spraying! And don’t worry, you don’t need to be artistic in any way.

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Image credit: Heavenspotsg Facebook

2. The Fragment Room

Another place to express your inner frustrations and find stress relief, The Fragment Room is the perfect place if you noticed that your S/O has been going through a tough time. It’s a safe place where you can release all your rage by breaking and smashing plates, glasses, vases and more to your heart’s content. Even if you have no stress, it is an exciting activity that you can do with your partner. After all, it is not something you are usually encouraged or allowed to do in real life. This is one date that is not only therapeutic but fun as well!

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3. Boons Pottery & Art Gallery

Established in 1998, Boon’s Pottery has grown from a one-man team to an art gallery with many of Boon’s masterpieces being sold locally and worldwide. Some have even been selected as state gifts for foreign dignitaries! You can make it a normal date, but I’ve seen a few people who turn this into an anniversary or birthday event where they make the pottery as a gift for their partner. Overall, going for a pottery class just seems like a meaningful and enjoyable way to spend time with your S/O.

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Image credit: Boons Pottery & Art Gallery

4. Arteastiq

Explore you and your partner’s artistic side at an Art Jam – the Art Jamming Studio in Arteastiq is just the right place to do that! The recently renovated studio is more spacious and cosier, and they have everything you need for an afternoon of relaxing, freestyle painting session. You will be equipped with a free canvas, limitless colours and even a free drink on the house (alcoholic beverages available on demand) during your Art Jam session. Also check out the promotions that they are running – you can paint as a pair on Mondays for only $72!

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5. Holey Moley

A mini golf course and bar – the Holey Moley Golf Club is basically the fun and neon-coloured version of golf. There is a labyrinth of unique holes that will keep you and your S/O on your toes – even better when you make it a fun competition between the two of you. The loser has to buy drinks! The Holey Moley Golf Club makes for a wonderful place for some light-hearted fun on a weekend night date that is sure to putt (pun intended) you in a good mood.

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6. Hi Roller

Shimmy and groove with your boo to upbeat songs on the skating rink of HiRoller! Fun, adventure, and laughter all wrapped in one activity – it doesn’t matter if you are a novice on roller skates. Just the act of trying something new with your partner is a great way to keep your relationship alive. One of the unique features of the HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink is their themed Saturdays where they play different music according to the theme of that day. Some of the themes were music by Asian artists, TikTok hits and even K-pop!

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7. VRoom

Who says you need to go outside to find excitement and thrill in your dates? Just put on a VR headset and you are immediately transported to a virtual world where you can experience amazing characters, sights, and sounds. You can pick from over 50 VR games such as Beat Saber and zombie shootouts. You can also go on a double date and try out their escape rooms – one of them is Harry Potter-themed!

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8. Axe Factor

There seems to be a lot of stress relief activities on this list but hey, life is pretty stressful, right? Also, stress is not a good thing for relationships. So why not vent your frustrations together by throwing axes at a target board that is 14 feet away? Singapore’s first and only axe throwing range, axe throwing at Axe Factor is definitely an exciting and fun date activity to do with your partner. Don’t worry, it is completely safe and done in a controlled environment. Plus, you will be guided on the ways to properly throw an axe.

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9. Spin Paint House

If you are looking to do something artsy but you are worried about your skills, then you should go over to Spin Paint House where no artistic skills are needed whatsoever. But you will still be able to produce a lovely masterpiece with your S/O! The process is simple – you just have to swing a pendulum filled with paint all over the canvas or spin the canvas to create wonderful shapes and patterns. Perhaps the only artsy part that comes in is the choice of colours and the patterns that you would like to create. An activity that is fun and beginner-friendly, it also makes for a good indoor date idea!

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