Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Sabah

Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Sabah
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Old-school, new-school, geometric, fine lines and more… there’s something for everyone when it comes to tattoos. And if you are interested to get inked, we have a list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Sabah that come highly recommended.

1) Orangutan Tattoo Studio

Orangutan Tattoo Studio

Here’s a tattoo studio where the talented artists embrace the old-school method of tattooing with no machine whatsoever. The method in question is known as a hand-tap or hand-poked tattoo. It involves pushing ink into the skin using only needles. The artists at Orangutan Tattoo Studio are not only passionate about what they do but also friendly and pleasant to talk to. Other than tattoos, they also specialise in piercing, henna artwork and design services.

FB: Orangutanstudiokk | IG:

2) Deadlights Tattoo Studio

Deadlights Tattoo Studio

A cosy tattoo studio located at Block C of Damai Plaza, Deadlights Tattoo Studio has a team of talented artists that you can count on. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a simple or intricately-designed tattoo. These artists at Deadlights Tattoo Studio can help fulfil your respective needs. Their prices are reasonable too and not to mention their amiable personalities make them such a favourite among many loyal and new customers alike.

FB: deadlightstattoo | IG: @deadlightstattoo

3) Milesix Tattoo Studio

Milesix Tattoo Studio

Flash tattoos, black-and-grey tattoos, portraiture tattoos, you name it… whatever style you are looking for, the artists from Milesix Tattoo Studio can do them all. You can check out some of their amazing tattoo artworks on Milesix Tattoo Studio’s social media pages. If you plan to make a trip to their studio, it’s highly recommended to book an appointment beforehand.

FB: Milesixtattoostudio | IG: @milesixtattoostudio

4) Ayakashi Ink Tattoo Studio

Ayakashi Ink Tattoo Studio

An expert in all kinds of tattoos, Ayakashi Ink Tattoo Studio is dedicated to creating the best art possible. Some of Ayakashi Ink Tattoo Studio’s gorgeous tattoo artworks can be seen on their Facebook page. They specialise in dermal piercings as well as providing other services like tattoo removal and temporary tattoo. For more info or book an appointment, you can reach out to Arnold.

FB: needleandinktattooshop

5) Anarchy Tattoo & Body Piercing

Anarchy Tattoo & Body Piercing

Chris knows best when comes to tattoos and body piercing. He’s a consummate artist with all the technical know-how and approachable too. That explains why he’s such a go-to tattoo artist (and yes, he is also the shop owner of Anarchy Tattoo & Body Piercing) among many loyal customers. His work is not only meticulous but also hygienic and he even makes sure the whole procedure is as painless as possible.

FB: AnarchyTattooNPiercing | IG: @christopherforsythe

6) Jesselton Tattoo And Gallery

Jesselton Tattoo And Gallery

Jesselton Tattoo And Gallery has been in the tattoo business since 2008. Their expertise in all things tattoo is undeniable regardless of the wording, geometric or Japanese arts, just to name a few. Not to forget their attention to detail whether you prefer say, a half-sleeve or back tattoo. Find out more about them via WhatsApp.

FB: Jesselton-Tattoo-and-Gallery

7) Black Ink Industry Tattoo Studio

Black Ink Industry Tattoo Studio

Black Ink Industry Tattoo Studio’s illustrious history stretches way back to 2005. Their team consists of some of the top tattoo artists in the business both locally and from abroad. And here, they have created a wide range of beautiful tattoos regardless of black and grey or in colours. Feel free to discuss your idea with one of the friendly tattoo artists here and rest assured they’ll do their best to make your dream tattoo come true.

FB: blackinkindustrytattoo | IG: @blackinkindustry

8) Ronny Taptoe INK

Ronny Taptoe INK

Located at Lintas Plaza, Ronny Taptoe’s speciality not only lies in creating all types of tattoos but also in body piercing. For the former, Ronny’s works from black and grey to colour, as evidently seen on his Facebook page are truly a work of a maestro. He’s friendly and he even comes highly recommended by many satisfied customers. For more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him.

FB: Ronnytaptoe

9) Sugizo Ink Tattoo & Piercing

Sugizo Ink Tattoo & PiercingSugizo Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio is a one-stop centre for all your tattoo needs. Their services include creating traditional, original & custom designs as well as cover-up jobs. To ensure peace of mind and hygienic purposes, they only use disposable needles for each tattoo procedure. They even make sure the tattoo equipment is thoroughly sterilised using an autoclave steriliser.

FB: SugizoInkTattooPiercingStudio

10) St James Tattoo

St James Tattoo

Bobby St James, both owner and tattooist at St James Tattoo, knows a thing or two about customising all kinds of minimalistic and even intricate tattoo designs. Many customers who get their tattoos done have nothing but praise for Bobby’s overall professionalism and creativity. You can check out some of Bobby’s incredible works on his Facebook and Instagram. For bookings, simply reach out to Bobby.

FB: bobbystjamestattoo | IG: @stjamestattoo

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