8 Types of Annoying Neighbours We Come Across In Our Neighbourhood

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Sometimes it is not by choice. Staying in a neighbourhood gives us the chance to meet different types of people. Like a love hate relationship, there are some neighbours that we are glad to have, but some are so annoying that they are pain in our lives! Here are 8 different types of annoying neighbours we come across in our neighbourhood. Which is yours?

1) The Neighbour with Noisy Kids & Dogs

Kids and pets are the greatest blessings ever. But sometimes, they can be loud, noisy and a bit annoying. Especially when you are trying to take a nap, that noise is too much to ask for. Do you have neighbour with noisy kids & dogs?

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2) The BusyBody

It’s not a surprise that we all have come across this kind of neighbour. The neighbour who is “over-friendly”, but actually just wants to know everything that’s happening to you and your family. This kind of neighbour cares too much, don’t you think?

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3) The Silent Neighbour

We don’t like too much noise, but that doesn’t mean being too quiet is good too. Being too quiet is like a mystery waiting to be solved. When a neighbour becomes too quiet, tons of theories will be made up in our minds to a certain extent it can become scary.

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4) The Stingy Neighbour

It is often hard for a neighbourhood to become united or to come together because of one single reason – money. There ought to be some stingy neighbours in every neighbourhood and they just simply refuse to pay for any community benefits such as recruitment of security guards. It is even annoying when some of these stingy neighbours are rich.

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5) The Neighbour That Borrows and Borrows

There’s always that one neighbour that seems to not have anything in their house. This type of neighbour can’t stop appearing at your place asking to borrow something. It’s even worse when they forget to return what they borrowed.

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6) The Violent Neighbour

It’s not bad to have neighbours that enjoy a drink or two, but not one that gets drunk and starts becoming violent. If your neighbour is physically violent, threatening and abusive to his/her family or even you, make sure you call the police.

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7) The Party House

There’s never a time of peace if you live around this kind of neighbour. There’s always a party happening and if there’s not a party, there’s always loud music playing.

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8) The Problem Creator

There’s always this neighbour, who has a problem with everything. The problem creator kind of neighbour that complains about everything and anything that you do. This kind of neighbour will go as far as complaining to the authorities if you did something that he/she doesn’t like.

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Which is your neighbour? Share with us.