Top 10 Workshops I Look Forward to Attending at MURFEST 2016

Top 10 Workshops I Look Forward to Attending at MURFEST 2016
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MURFEST 2016 will take place from 4th until 6th November this year. We’ve collaborated with the MURFEST team to bring you more details on what to expect over the course of the 3-day event that integrates “Wellness, Music & Dance”. Over 80 world class facilitators, musicians and artist will be coming together to support this great cause. Over the next few weeks you’ll be getting to know the fabulous instructors and trainers who will be conducting workshops at MURFEST 2016. Now, let’s get to know some of the cool workshops that will be conducted at MURFEST.

1) Metafit HIIT by Veejay Balan


Fitness enthusiasts who enjoy bodyweight workouts will love Metafit HIIT. It combines the well-known High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with bodyweight exercises, meaning no equipment is required. Prepare to be challenged physically and mentally, however, during the 30 minute class that guarantees fat burning, and works all the major muscle groups.

2) Essential Oils in Holistic Wellness by Elke Wollschon


If alternative healing interests you, Elke Wollschon’s workshops will certainly prove enlightening. She’s been involved in the field of alternative healing for over three decades, even successfully curing her asthma using such techniques. She strongly believes that essential oils can aid people due to “their homeostatic intelligence”, and improvements can be seen in all aspects, physically, mentally and spiritually. This workshop will focus on how to achieve all of this by utilizing essential oils for holistic wellbeing. | FB: PassionateAlive | IG: @elkewollschon

3) Flyoga® by Chong Sue Fay


Yoga on a mat too mainstream? Then maybe you need to fly for a change. Chong Sue Fay’s Flyoga® workshop will teach you to do just that, as you use a hammock to support your body whilst engaging in a total body conditioning workout. This stretching activity is said to have low stress on the joints, making it suitable for a range of people to try out. You will learn how to train yourself using only your bodyweight and the hammock to defy gravity and stretch your muscles.

4) Gong Therapy by Anne Braillar


Gong therapy is derived from an ancient form of healing, and Anne Braillard considers herself an “eternal student” in the art. Using the gong for healing is helpful due to the vibrations from the instrument itself, that prove to be an effective form of relaxation for the mind, body, and spirit. It has even been proven to help people sleep better at night. Join Anne on her workshop to learn how to appropriately utilize this sacred art form to improve your health and wellbeing.

5) Hula Hoop Dance by Mishie Hoops


Hula Hoop your way to fitness with Mishie Hoops! That’s right, swaying your hips and keeping the hula hoop on them as you dance is more than a play-time activity. With the correct techniques, it can be a very effective workout. For a rush of endorphins, dance lovers are encouraged to try this out – the only thing you’ll need is a hula hoop and some attitude!

IG: @mishiehoops

6) Reggaeton by Amar Singh


Reggaeton is a music style that emerged in the 90s, combining reggae, hip-hop and rap styles. With catchy beats and memorable sounds, you can’t help but move your body when you hear a track of this genre. With Amar Singh’s workshop, you’ll be able to move the right way, with him teaching isolation techniques, body rolls and more. Anyone is welcome to join the Reggaeton party.

7) Spinal Arte Vinyasa Yoga by James Wong


It is only natural that a spine mobility expert like James Wong would conduct a workshop where he gets to share his knowledge on the topic. Having years of spinal manual therapy under his belt, he will wow you with his signature spinal roll movements, blended with Vinyasa yoga stylings. This will help you to get a good stretch, increase your movement capabilities and enhance your flexibility.

IG: @jamesyogapilates

8) Jump Fitness by Lilica Vargas


Yet another fun cardio activity – and this time there’s a trampoline involved! Combining high intensity movements with the light-hearted act of jumping, you’ll get a maximum calorie burn and have fun at the same time. Better yet, your joints will not feel the brunt of jumping, as the trampoline acts as a shock absorber. All of this is done in a safe environment and with the expertise of Lilica, the founder of Jump Fitness, you will be on the right track. | FB: lilicavargascoach | IG: @lilicavargas

9) Breath of Bliss by Christabel Zamor


Christabel will be teaching the importance of breathing right to achieve health, wellness and most importantly an overall sense of peace and love. For one hour, you will be taken on a journey using only breathing techniques and movement that will help one to be more self-aware. As the founder of this breathwork practice, she is well-equipped to guide you correctly, and help you experience the best outcome as a result of her program. She will conduct three separate Breath of Bliss workshops during MURFEST.

FB: CoachingWithChristabel IG: @breath.of.bliss

10) Yoga for Fertility & Gender Protection by Ninie Ahmad


With all the progress of Western medicine, we may sometimes forget there are more natural options when it comes to fertility and reproduction. Thus, for those who prefer methods that don’t require ingesting synthetic drugs or hormones, try out Ninie’s workshop on Yoga for Fertility & Gender Prediction. With her expert guidance, you can be rest assured that you will learn the best ways to incorporate yoga stretches and breathing techniques for your own benefit, particularly if becoming a parent is high on your list of priorities.

FB: | IG: @ninieyoga

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

The Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST), is a festival that integrates “Wellness, Music & Dance” into a 3-day event, gathering over 80 world-class Facilitators, Musicians and Artists. MURFEST is Asia’s number one platform in the Health & Wellnessindustry. Come join the fun on 4th to 6th November 2016! For more information, please log on to

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