Two Students Have Just Won The Chemistry Award At A US Competition

We should be very proud of these two Form 5 students who recently won an award in the United States. Melwin Choon Lei Cheng and Yong Shiang Tham won first place in the Chemistry category at Intel ISEF. The two boys are from Chung Ling High School, Penang.

Intel ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) is an international pre-college science competition and is the largest in the world. Intel ISEF was held from the 11th to the 18th of May and they received their award on the last day. And the competition was held in Arizona in the United States of America.

They won the competition through their innovative and remarkable invention. Through their research, they have successfully made cinnamon crude extract into a cost effective and eco friendly larvicide. Their larvicide is used to combat and get rid of the Aedea larvae which can be a big problem in Malaysia.

Both the boys managed to snag their ticket to Intel ISEF by winning the gold at PISTEK last November. PISTEK is the National Science and Engineering Innovation Challenge.

Besides receiving the first place award, the boys also won $3,000 which is approximately RM12,528, in total. After the ceremony, the boys proudly lifted the Jalur Gemilang for a photo with their supportive teacher.

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The principal of Chung Ling High School has stated that their research project has been two years in the making. Results of this study is currently confidential but an announcement will be made about it soon.

Congratulations to Melwin and Yong Shiang on this amazing achievement on an international level! It is so great to see them get the opportunity to have their work recognised and we hope many more students will be inspired by them.