8 School Holiday Activities In Malaysia To Get Your Kids Active

With the year-end school holiday lasting for a month, there are so many things your kids can do other than… spending time at home glued to various mobile devices. Rise up, for here are 8 recommended school holiday activities in Malaysia to get your kids active.

1) Learn About Chocolate At The Chocolate Museum In Kota Damansara

Chocolate… can’t live with them, can’t live without them. If your kids love all things chocolate, a trip to The Chocolate Museum at Kota Damansara is a must. It’s a one-of-a-kind interactive experience where you get to learn everything from its history to health benefits and even the art of handmade chocolates. Then, there’s the Chocolate Kitchen — a place where the museum’s chocolatiers produce their chocolate creations on a daily basis. The kitchen even comes complete with a unique chocolate printer (you read it right!), where you can personalise your own chocolates with any image printed directly onto the surface! Here’s a little trivia: Did you know that The Chocolate Museum is actually the first of its kind in Malaysia and South East Asia?

Image Credit: @chocolatemuseumkotadamansara

2) Learn Skydiving At AirRider In 1 Utama

The Petaling Jaya’s 1 Utama is more than just a family-friendly mall for shopping, dining and cinema-going experiences. If you are looking for a unique indoor activity where every family member can enjoy, look no further than the AirRider. Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving within the confines of a safe environment. Basically, you get to wear a proper gear and start “flying” inside the 360-degree glass flight chamber! Not to worry though, because there will be an expert instructor to guide you how to balance your body during the skydiving process.

Image Credit: @AirRiderKL

3) Explore The Melaka Funland At Bandar Hilir, Melaka

Tired of visiting Melaka’s famous tourist attractions such as A’Famosa and Christ Church? Here’s an alternative you and your family can enjoy together: the Melaka Funland. Located at Jalan Parameswara in Bandar Hilir, this family-friendly entertainment centre offers seven exciting theme areas like Fantasy Aquarium, 3D Magic Art and Horrible Mirror Maze. Kids can also look forward to interactive entertainment like Treasure Hunt and Virtual Zoo.

Image Credit: @MelakaFunland

4) Learn About Banking And Finance At BNM Museum And Art Gallery In Kuala Lumpur

There’s an old saying where money makes the world go round. And at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, this is where you get to explore more about banking and finance. This includes the likes of our country’s history of currency, explore the types of money, tips on how to handle polymer banknotes and even learn how to identify counterfeit money using the simple “Feel, Look, Tilt and Check” method.

Image Credit: museumbnm.gov.my

5) Encourage Your Child’s Curiosity At KidZania in Curve NX, Mutiara Damansara

KidZania offers a different kind of theme-park experience where your kids get to see, learn and engage in a role play at the same time. There are over 90 occupations to choose from including the likes of a pilot, actor, police, nurse and firefighter. Each occupation has its own designated “real-world” environment, where the kids even get to learn how to be independent as well as the importance of teamwork.

Image Credit: @KidZaniaKualaLumpur

6) Have Fun At Movie Animation Park Studios In Ipoh, Perak

No road trip to Ipoh would be complete without paying a visit at Movie Animation Park Studios near Bandar Meru Raya. Touted as Asia’s First Animation Theme Park, it offers a colourful range of fun-filled attractions for the family. This includes the likes of BoBoiBoy 4D Adventure Theatre, The Smurfs Partyland and The Adventurers HQ Tree House. If you like the thrill of an adrenaline rush, don’t miss the spectacular live show of car and motorcycle stunts at the custom-built arena.

Image Credit: @mapsperak

7) Enjoy The Thrill Of Outdoor Excitement At Escape Theme Park in Penang

True to its name, Escape Theme Park offers the ultimate getaway for every family to get in touch with nature and be proactive at the same time. You will find plenty of exciting activities here, namely swinging on a vine with Aerobat, engage in a tree-climbing race in Coco Climb or experience flying above the ground with Kite Flyer. For a full outdoor experience, why not join the 2-day Base Camp activity within the safe confines of the theme park’s fenced area?

Image Credit: @escapemy

8) Get To Know The Culture And Tradition Of Borneo At Mari Mari Cultural Village In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Mention the word “Kota Kinabalu”, the first thing that often comes to mind is the majestic Mount Kinabalu. But there are other alternatives at Kota Kinabalu such as this one at Mari Mari Cultural Village. Located deep in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the Kota Kinabalu’s city centre, it offers you a chance to get to know everything about the Borneo ethnic communities. Witness the likes of live experience that includes traditional fire-starting, handicraft, cultural performance and blowpipe-making demonstration.

Image Credit: @marimariculturalvillageborneo