8 Places To Eat At Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Mouthwatering BBQs, hearty breakfast choices, artisanal ice creams… you name it, Desa Sri Hartamas has them all within its vicinity. So, if you are looking for some recommendations, we have listed 8 Places To Eat At Desa Sri Hartamas, KL below!

1) Burnin’ Pit

Meat lovers, rejoice! Here’s a pit (no pun intended) where you can indulge in some flavourful Texas-style BBQ meat. The meat, where you have the choices of beef, lamb and chicken, are specially barbecued low and slow inspired by the “Authentic Southern American way”. And they are all done in a custom-built wood-fired smoker for over 12 hours. If that’s not enough, they even use selected local wood from fruit trees during the barbecuing process, namely jackfruit and durian trees. This helps to infuse the natural fruity sweetness into the meat. Best paired with their signature sides including Southern Slaw, Mac & Cheese and Homemade Beans.

Signature Texas-Style BBQ at Burnin' Pit
Image Credit: @rafiqwonka

2) Sala

Sala, which is actually an acronym for slavar a los animales (save the animals), specialises in plant-based food. And that means meatless meals but owner Fauzi Hussein managed to make them full-flavoured without compromising on the benefits of eating healthy. For instance, the “Protein Packed Taco” comes with a motley of fillings like spicy tempe, seared tofu and quinoa. Looking for a healthy version of burritos? They have them too, with recommended selections like “El Dominic” (spicy tempe with peanuts, dhal, mushroom asada, chickpea, cilantro brown rice, slaw & baby spinach) and the BBQ jackfruit-based “BB Pulled Jack”. The restaurant also has its own unique take on local food, where they have traditional nasi lemak filled with sambal mushroom and spicy tempe.

Plant-Based Tacos at Sala
Image Credit: @sala.kl

3) Rubberduck

Looking for some hearty breakfast to kickstart your morning? Here’s one for you: Rubberduck at Plaza Damas. Serving from early morning until 12 pm, they have protein-packed choices like the meat-galore “All Day Big Breakfast” and the scrambled eggs-smoked salmon combo of “Breakfast Wrap”. But if you prefer to keep it simple, they also serve omelette with toast and chicken-based congee. Not to forget their delectable smoothie bowls, namely “Sunshine” consisting of banana, pineapple, mango and chia seeds. And that is not all, as each bowl gets assorted toppings of homemade granola and Hawaiian coconut flakes. Come lunchtime, expect familiar favourites like pasta (“Spicy Aglio Olio”) and meat-based mains (“Roast Chicken Leg with Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables” and “Bacon & Egg Cheese Burger” with homemade beef patty). Keep in mind that Rubberduck only serves their meals until 6 pm.

Roast Chicken Leg with Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables at Rubberduck
Image Credit: @sarahchuaaa

4) BreadFruits

Here is one of the mainstays in Desa Sri Hartamas that has been around for many years. Serving wholesome dishes that use only real ingredients, no wonder BreadFruits still stands tall, despite the ever-changing trends in the F&B scene. For breakfast choices, they incorporate the antioxidant-rich wild honey into all-time favourites like 7-minute eggs and French toast. Those who prefer sandwiches can go for the likes of “BELT Sandwich” (bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato) or the bacon-and-chicken breast “Classic Club”. Then, there’s the lunch menu, notably their signature “Wild Honey Pork Chop”. As the name suggests, the otherwise typical pork chop comes with a wild honey sauce that adds a distinctly savoury-sweetness flavour. Some of their other bestsellers include “Szechuan Spanish Pork Belly”, “Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio” and “Rosemary Salmon Pasta”.

Wild Honey & Sunny (7-Minute Eggs) at BreadFruits
Image Credit: @srna

5) Marta’s Kitchen

Beyond its spacious interior lies a restaurant where you can get assorted Spanish dishes, beginning with a wide range of tapas. This includes all-time favourites like croquetas, marinated olives, Spanish omelette and San Jacobo. And of course, no Spanish cuisine would be complete without paella and Marta’s Kitchen has them right on the menu. Here, the well-cooked rice gets a flavourful boost of juicy seafood or meaty goodness of squid ink, Valenciana (giant prawn & mussel) or Iberico pork. Also, leave some space for dessert, with Marta’s Kitchen offering the likes of churros (sugar & cinnamon, warm Valrhona chocolate, caramelised apple & vanilla ice cream or Valrhona chocolate & caramel).

Valenciana Paella at Marta's Kitchen
Image Credit: @andrepreneur

6) Buldojang

Desa Sri Hartamas is home to many Korean restaurants and one of them happens to be Buldojang. But instead of serving authentic Korean dishes, they specialise more in Korean Chinese varieties. Their menu is diverse, covering everything from jajangmyeon (a noodle dish mixed with black bean sauce & minced pork) to fried rice with shrimp and stir-fried sea cucumber & pine mushrooms. They serve meat and seafood dishes too, mostly either braised, fried or stir-fried.

Buldojang serves Korean Chinese dishes
Image Credit: @alicia_ng0708

7) Kin Gyu

First things first, locating Kin Gyu isn’t what we like to call “hidden in plain sight”. But as long as you look up and notice the wall of the building embellished with a golden bull’s head, you’ve come to the right place. This Japanese restaurant is actually located one floor up, where the minimalist interior is partitioned with private dining spaces. Food-wise, Kin Gyu specialises primarily in beef dishes, with the wagyu selection being the crown jewel of them all. They have all things wagyu incorporated into sushi, salad and even steamed egg custard. If you come in groups, they serve sukiyaki as well — a hot pot dish consisting of Kin Gyu’s homemade dashi broth with the likes of sliced wagyu beef, wheat gluten, grilled tofu and a raw egg.

Kin Gyu's Box Of Different Wagyu Sushi
Image Credit: @on.myplate

8) The Ice Cream Bar

Fancy a scoop of ice cream with an alcoholic twist? The Ice Cream Bar has them all, offering creamy ice cream flavours infused with the likes of Chivas Regal, Baileys and Guinness Stout. But even if you are not into alcoholic ice cream flavours, rest assured they have non-alcoholic (read: “normal”) versions as well at the display counter. You can have them served in a cone, cup or on top of a charcoal waffle.

Tiramisu & Black Sesame Ice Creams on Charcoal Waffle at The Ice Cream Bar
Image Credit: @foodierrsf_799