7 Online Shops For Fresh Salmon & Trout Right At Your Doorstep

For all the fish lovers out there (me included 🤤), there are just some days where you need a delicious pick-me-up without the bother of dressing up and heading out. When those days hit, online shopping comes to the rescue! And what better pick-me-up is there than fresh raw fish with high quality guaranteed right at your doorstep. Here are 7 online shops for you to get the freshest salmon and trout delivered to you hassle-free:

1. art of salmó

The name might be confusing as the art of salmó sounds like they sell salmon but they’re not that far off! Instead of salmon, the art of salmó specialises in Norwegian fjord trout which is just as good. If you can’t tell the difference, trout tend to have a brighter orange hue compared to salmon which is paler in colour. In terms of taste, trout has a buttery taste with a firmer bite while salmon is smoother and more velvety in texture. I remember seeing art of salmó on my social media during the pandemic – especially their Mó-cakes which looks like the best birthday cake you could give any fish lover. They have since expanded their menu with different versions of Mó-cakes and more fjord trout prducts such as smoked salmó, floss and even Mó-dip. Some of their must try include the Umai (Sarawak Sashimi) and Thai Style Marinated Salmó Sashimi!

Image credit: art of salmo Facebook

2. Salmon Dee Kap

I just had this for lunch and omg it is so good! Salmon Dee Kap popped up when I was searching about salmon and when I saw what it is – authentic Thai marinated salmon sashimi – it immediately piqued my curiosity to give it a try. They have three flavours – Salmon Dong, Salmon Yum and Salmon Tam. Out of the three, Salmon Dong is the chef’s recommendation although I mainly chose it because it’s suitable for non-spicy eaters. The orders are made on the day of delivery, so you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest quality. Fair warning though, I still found Salmon Don a tad spicy because the marinade does have chili inside, but it was tolerable and gave it a nice kick. I had mine with rice and the complimentary laver that was packed along with it – super yum!

Image credit: @salmondeekap

3. Too Yumm

Affordable premium sashimi right at my doorstep? Yes, please! With the aim to provide fine-dining grade food that is affordable and yet maintaining their good taste and high quality, Too Yumm is the place to go to satisfy your sashimi cravings. For salmon lovers, you will be happy to know that Too Yumm’s fresh salmon are air flown from Norway within 48 hours of being caught. Go all out and order their All About Salmon Sushi Set for a feast fit for 2-4pax. Or if you are looking to indulge by yourself, they also have smaller portions that would fit right in your budget.

Image credit: Too Yumm Seafood Facebook

4. JKT Seafood

Here’s another place to find fresh chilled Norwegian trout. JKT Seafood offers fresh seafood and sashimi that can be delivered to you or picked up at their shop in Puchong. If you are looking to have a salmon sashimi party, you’ll want the best quality air-flown Norwegian salmon and JKT Seafood is where you can find it. Customers have left raving reviews and plus points to them as well for their fast delivery times! They run promos quite often, so you might want to keep an eye out on their social media to catch it.

Image credit: JKT Seafood Facebook

5. Top Catch Fisheries

Making fresh seafood affordable for everyone, Top Catch Fisheries is based in OUG and Taman Megah. Just a scroll through their social media page will have you salivating – all the beautiful colours of raw fish, perfectly cut and packaged for you to take home and enjoy away. Having been in the business for 10 years, you can be sure they know what they are doing. Other than salmon, do look out for the melt-in-your-mouth Japanese Bluefin Tuna that you will have to pre-order if you want to get a taste.

Image credit: Top Catch Fisheries Facebook

6. Seafood Maestro

Shop the freshest and most premium seafood and have them delivered to your home the next workday! Seafood Maestro was recently awarded Malaysia’s Preferred Seafood Supplier by Asean Food & Travel Awards, so you know they have the good stuff. In fact, they have a restaurant where you can dine in and enjoy delicious seafood at your table. Which I’ve been to before! It’s known as Sushi Mastro Nikkei and I must say, the food was good. But back to Seafood Maestro – other than seafood, they also offer salmon sashimi platters for your fuss-free enjoyment. Or you can also order their Signature Sashimi Platter which comes with 8 types of selections.

Image credit: Seafood Maestro Malaysia Facebook

7. Salmonly

And here is the bonus: not exactly fresh salmon but there is just something about salmon mentai that is irresistible! I mean, look at that perfectly burnt mentai that must be so delectable to eat when paired with the salmon belly flakes and rice that is underneath. Salmonly has a shop where you can dine it which is at The Grange @ Ampwalk or you can also have the food delivered. Surprise your family or friends when you order this for them – guaranteed joy at the very first bite!

Image credit: Salmonlyhq Facebook

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