10 Things Malaysians Buy Online More Often Since The MCO Started

Things Malaysians Buy Online More

What do you think we Malaysians have bought most often since the MCO? Judging by the frenzy we personally saw in shopping malls, food, of course, was an absolute priority. Besides food, when we all had to turn to online shopping, what else do you think all of us were buying? Books? Skincare products? Daily necessities? According to a survey by commerce.asia, some items may surprise you. Read on to discover Malaysians’ shopping habits!

1) Lingerie

Yeah, we did not see this one coming either. In fact, the increase for lingerie bought online since the MCO started is the highest among all items on this list. Sales went up by a whopping 909%. We’re not sure if men or women are doing the shopping and why exactly people saw the need to suddenly get more underwear, but… there you go. You can also join the trend and snap up some lingerie yourself!

Ladies' underwear, lingerie

2) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been a popular home remedy for many years, as people commonly use it in cooking or for medicinal purposes. Besides known as a “health” food item, it is believed that apple cider vinegar can also kill bacteria. Perhaps that’s why people are buying apple cider vinegar so much more during this time!

Apple cider vinegar

3) Latex Gloves

There’s no surprise here, as we’re all looking to protect ourselves nowadays. Apart from face masks, hand sanitisers and face shields, latex gloves is probably the most sought-after item. It’s an extra precaution when you’re out and about in public, touching various items. Even with latex gloves, do remember to wash your hands diligently!

Latex gloves

4) Salt

We weren’t exactly expecting salt purchase to increase this much, but it makes sense. Salt is definitely a household food staple, since we practically use salt in most meals.


5) Kitchen Utensils

Specifically, frying pans and woks. No surprise there either, since we’ve all been training to be masterchefs since the MCO started. A good chef’s got to have some good equipment!

Frying pan

6) Shampoo

Who would have thought that shampoo would be one of the things Malaysians buy online more? We would have bet on skincare products, but shampoo made the list instead! And we’re not sure why hair shampoo sales have increased so much, but not body wash. Technically speaking, body wash should run out faster than shampoo, no?

Washing hair

7) Babies’ Blanket

A baby still needs baby equipment, and somehow baby blankets saw the most increase in sales. Our best guess for the spike in baby blanket buying is that they could have a few options just in case parents aren’t washing the blankets all the time. Plus, it’s a possible source of comfort for the baby?

Baby's blanket

8) Gelatine Powder

“Do people really like making jelly that much?” was our first thought, and then we discovered that people actually use gelatine for many different reasons. In fact, it could actually be a form of supplement to strengthen bones, nails and hair. If you’ve been buying some gelatine powder throughout the MCO, care to share what you used it for?


9) Carpets

So did people just realise that their houses could probably use some carpets after staying at home for a while? Carpets is kind of a surprising item as well, if we’re being honest. Need a comfy place to sit on the floor? It makes a good photo-taking background?

Living room carpet

10) Home Fitness Equipment

We get this one! Everyone’s been advocating health and fitness while staying at home, so this comes as no surprise. Furthermore, with the gyms closed and no outdoor exercise allowed during the times of the MCO, there could be very little one could do at home. Also, once you buy some fitness equipment, you may just be a little more inclined to use them! While you’re at it, check out these tips to lose weight while at home too!

Working out at home on a yoga mat

So, what are your shopping habits like? What did you buy during the MCO that one may find “surprising”? Share them with us in the comments below!