Naiise Malaysia Unveils Exclusive Designs For 60th Merdeka

Image Credit: naiise

Design retailer Naiise has collaborated with four Malaysia-based designers to create exclusive Malaysia-themed products, with plans to continue growing its Go Local collection.

Naiise Malaysia has launched four new exclusive Malaysia themed products, created in collaboration with Malaysian designers in celebration of Malaysia’s 60th Merdeka.

This is the retailer’s first foray into product collaborations with designers, and also represents its larger ambition to play a key role in growing the Malaysian design and craft industry by championing made in-Malaysia products to local mass consumers. These exclusive Merdeka products are designed and produced by Malaysian designers, including B’Nottee, Bingka, The Great Indoors and Whimsy Whimsical, to showcase Malaysia’s unique culture, heritage and environment.

The designs are also greatly inspired by the designers’ fondest personal memories of what makes Malaysia home to all of us. The collection consists of four products – notepad planner, door mat, washi tape and pouch – which are selected for their everyday usability and relevance to consumers from all walks of life. Prices are also kept at affordable levels to appeal to mass consumers, with the products retailing between RM29 – RM99. The products in the collection are:

1) The Wild Wild Local Weekly Planner, designed by Whimsy Whimsical (RM29)

This notepad planner features diverse and unique Malaysian wildlife like the Lesser mousedeer, Malayan pangolin, and more, and also features catchy Malaysian slang we use every day.

Image Credit: Naiise

2) Kolam Renang Door Mat, designed by The Great Indoors (RM49)

This door mat is inspired by Malaya’s disappearing signboards and a way of preserving these small but significant memories. This Kolam Renang design lets us fondly reminisce our childhood days spent at the public swimming pool, long before condominiums and health club memberships.

Image Credit: Naiise

3) Pasar Malam Washi Tape, designed by B’Nottee (RM29)

This washi tape captures the vibrancy, fun and excitement at Malaysia’s iconic pasar malams, or night markets. Use it anywhere – for scrap-booking, for sticking notes up, or even to wrap gifts.

Image Credit: Naiise

4) The Naiise Kuih Mix Pouch, designed by Bingka (RM99)

This pouch features a fun imaginary kuih mix that uses elements familiar to Malaysians like the pandan (screwpine) leaves, santan (coconut milk), steamer basket, and more. This also reflects the way Malaysian culture amalgamates various traditions and customs from across the region.

Image Credit: Naiise

Naiise plans to continue collaborating with designers and grow its range of Malaysia-themed products that will connect intimately with local consumers, while also holding appeal for discerning tourists looking for modern, unique and well-designed souvenirs from Malaysia. These products will be housed under its Go Local section, which is the retailer’s best performing category both in Malaysia and Singapore where it operates in.

The Merdeka collection is exclusively available at Naiise Malaysia, and will be made available for purchase from its website ( The collection will also be a core showcase at the Naiise Malaysia debut concept store which is slated to open in October 2017.

About Naiise

Naiise is a curated destination for original, well-designed products and daily design inspiration. Headquartered in Singapore with over 100 employees, Naiise is one of the largest and fastest growing design retailers in the region, stocking over 24,000 products from more than 1,000 emerging and established designers from around the world.

Founded in 2013, Naiise is driven by a simple goal – to make good design accessible to more people. The business began as an online platform and later expanded to six brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore. By end- 2017, Naiise will have established a further retail presence in Malaysia and the United Kingdom, adopting an omnichannel strategy where good design is made accessible to consumers through various touch-points both online and offline. Naiise is also a one-stop destination for original and unique gifts and souvenirs, addressing consumers’ needs for meaningful and creative gifting solutions.

Reflecting its roots as a bootstrapped start-up, Naiise is a champion of creativity and entrepreneurship in its local communities, starting with its platform which gives makers and designers a fair and sustainable way to promote their products to larger audiences. Naiise is a strong supporter of local design, celebrating the unique community, culture and heritage that lend uniqueness to every product designed locally. By working closely with its customers, partners and other stakeholders, Naiise dreams of nurturing a harmonious and balanced market where designers can create for an audience that truly appreciates its value.

About B’Nottee

B’Nottee is run by two interior designers from Kuala Lumpur who are focused on making high quality handmade stationery products, ranging from notebooks, covers, pencil cases and bespoke wedding stationery. Through its products, they hope to promote the spirit of design and handmade quality to all.

About Bingka

Bingka is a homegrown Malaysian brand where traditional design aesthetics meets contemporary living. Intricate designs, which feature distinctly Malaysian motifs and elements, are hand drawn by their team and screen printed onto fabrics, which are hand sewn by local and migrant communities.

About The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors is a Malaysian design and furnishing startup, dedicated towards the preservation of Malaysian heritage and culture. From their products, you will be able to see how they have preserved the heritage in their own ways, recreating the past in our present context.

About Whimsy Whimsical

Based in Malaysia, Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods is a collection of woodland-inspired gifts and paper goods aimed at bringing a touch of whimsy into our daily life. Each and every illustration is lovingly hand drawn to give it that personal touch, gently reminding us to cherish every moment in life with love and joy.

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