7 Best Cooling Mattresses for a Comfortable Sleep

7 Best Cooling Mattresses for a Comfortable Sleep
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Are you prone to hot flashes or simply sweat easily when you are sleeping at night? It sure feels uncomfortable and worst of all, it can ruin your sleep. The likes of making sure your bedroom is well-ventilated with the help of a fan or an air-conditioning unit may have been part of the solution. And so does your mattress that you sleep on it every night.

So, if your current mattress traps body heat, perhaps it’s time for you to consider an upgrade. Cooling mattresses would be your best bet. They typically use cooling materials to regulate temperature and promote better airflow. Below are our 7 best cooling mattresses for a comfortable sleep.

1) Slumberland TempSmart Duke

Sleep like a duke on the ultra-comfortable Slumberland TempSmart Duke. The mattress boasts a 13-inch thickness from top to bottom, complete with the brand’s Pocketed Posture Springs. The pocket springs within the mattress help adjust to the spine’s natural shape and posture and evenly distribute your body weight, giving you much-needed back support.

Then, there’s the highlight: Slumberland’s TempSmart. An intelligent feature that absorbs body heat and regulates temperature to keep you cool all night. The mattress is also layered with pure lambswool, best known for its moisture-wicking properties. And finally, the gel memory foam offers better air circulation for a restful and optimal sleep experience.

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Slumberland TempSmart Duke
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2) Goodnite Posture Freeze

Goodnite incorporates the IceSleep technology into its Posture Freeze mattress. It uses the nano mica particles of Icy Yarn fabric designed to keep your body cool. Each mattress is also layered with high-density, palm oil-based eco foam, which provides better support and durability. And better sleep hygiene too.

Goodnite Posture Freeze features a 5-zone pocket spring system, offering consistent body support from head to foot that conforms to your natural spinal alignment. Coupled with its 12-inch medium-firm thickness, this mattress makes it suitable for back sleepers. Plus, the Ultra Edge Support System has a reinforced form border all around the mattress, which minimises sagging on the sides.

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Goodnite Posture Freeze
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3) Goodnite De Titanium

Here’s another quality cooling mattress from Goodnite, boasting IceSleep’s Icy Yarn fabrics that offer an all-night, cooling sleeping experience. Less sleeping hot aside, the Goodnite De Titanium is backed by two additional supports within its 12.5-inch thicker mattress. This includes the eco-friendly, durable palm oil-based foam and a 3-zone individual pocket spring system. The latter helps to evenly distribute your body weight while providing better medium-firm back support.

Other highlights include a Euro top feature, providing you with optimal comfort while reducing motion transfer, particularly if you are sleeping with your partner. The Goodnite De Titanium is also hypoallergenic with its anti-dust mite properties, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

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Goodnite De Titanium
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4) Dunlopillo Maxicool

The Dunlopillo Maxicool mattress is part of the brand’s Cool Silk line, notable for its premium-quality Cool Silk fabrics. With the added cool gel-infused visco-elastic memory foam, you can look forward to sleeping cool and comfortable for long hours. Not to mention this mattress helps to relax your muscles as you sleep on it, thanks to its anti-static material.

The Dunlopillo Maxicool is backed by its honeycomb 3-zone individual pocketed spring system. It evenly distributes your body weight while providing optimal support that benefits your back. The mattress is also equipped with a 100% premium natural latex sheet, which offers better durability and spinal support.

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Dunlopillo Maxicool
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5) SleepMatics Luna

SleepMatics Luna’s cooling properties come from SnowSilk, a fabric that offers a cool-to-the-touch feel upon sleeping on the mattress. It also boasts a soft and silky texture, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long. The mattress is even equipped with a layered combination of 100% natural latex and toxic-free ultra-foam material for better air circulation and sleep hygiene.

SleepMatics Luna also incorporated the heat-tempered 5-zone Duracoil pocketed spring system, offering not only greater durability but also better body support and pressure point relief. The mattress comes encased with edge-to-edge foam, which improves durability and prevents sagging over time.

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SleepMatics Luna
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6) SpinaRez Rest Star

Rest easy and enjoy cooling comfort while sleeping on the SpinaRez Rest Star. The mattress incorporates Cool Silk fabric that offers optimal heat transfer and temperature regulation. It has the firmness scale of a medium-soft feel, ideal for different types of sleepers regardless of back, side or stomach. The 12-inch thickness, in the meantime, provides optimal support and pressure relief that helps you to de-stress your tired body.

Other key features include the individual pocketed spring system that minimises motion transfer while providing even body distribution. The high-density foam box encased within the edges of the mattress all around reduces sagging while maximising the sleeping space.

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Spinarez Rest Star
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7) Zinus UltraCool Gel

True to its name, the Zinus UltraCool Gel infuses its ultra-cooling gel and Mygel memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep at night. The mattress provides additional comfort with its cool-to-touch soft-knit cover, which also promotes better air ventilation. The Zinus UltraCool Gel even includes green tea-infused memory foam that eliminates odour and bacteria for healthy sleep.

You can look forward to its patented 7-zone pressure-relief system embedded into its UltraCool Gel mattress. It offers body support with the right firmness and softness equally distributed from head to toe.

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Zinus UltraCool Gel
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