Top 10 Bubble Milk Tea Brands in Malaysia

Top 10 Bubble Milk Tea Brands in Malaysia
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Believe it or not, bubble milk tea has been around for over a decade. While it has seen significant ups and downs, bubble milk tea remains as popular as ever and some even manage to stand the test of time, such as Chatime and Gong Cha. Here are the Top 10 Bubble Milk Tea Brands in Malaysia, both the oldie goldies and the recent newcomers!

1) Cha Wan Jia

Cha Wan Jia

Strategically located at SS 15 Subang Jaya, the Taiwan-based Cha Wan Jia may be relatively new in our local scene since its inception in late 2018. But Cha Wan Jia isn’t just your average bubble tea brand, thanks to its handcrafted boba pearls that come with different flavours. Instead of your standard tapioca pearls, you will find the likes of rainbow pearls, mango pearls, sakura pearls and dragon fruit pearls. Their menu is equally extensive ranging from their signature Rainbow Pearl Milk Teas to Refreshing Fruit Teas and Rainbow Milk Shakes. What makes them even more unique isnt’t only their taste but also the overall aesthetically-pleasing presentation that is particularly Instagram-worthy. | FB: ChaWanJiaMY | IG:

2) KOI Thé Malaysia

Ever since KOI made its debut at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in 2017, the Taiwan-based bubble tea franchise has since grown steadily. They particularly take pride in their bubble tea-making process, ensuring every ingredient is freshly prepared and brewed to perfection. Their signature drink is undoubtedly the Golden Bubble Milk Tea, a blend of creamy milk tea with KOI’s very own golden bubble pearls. Unlike the conventional varieties, their bubble pearls are all made using only natural ingredients that have a nice, chewy texture in every bite. | FB: koithemy | IG: @koithemalaysia

3) Tealive


The homegrown Tealive is the brainchild of Bryan Loo, the popular entrepreneur who also owns numerous franchises in Malaysia such as Gindaco and Croissant Taiyaki. Some of their recommended drinks include the Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Japanese Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea and Strawberry Pudding Smoothies. But other than offering a permanent menu, they are also known for their limited-edition unique drinks such as During King Smoothie and Black Diamond Milk Tea. | FB: tealiveasia | IG: @tealiveasia

4) The Alley Malaysia

The Alley Malaysia

More than just a fancy name, The Alley prides itself in crafting their own sugar cane syrup and even making their tapioca pearls (nicknamed “Deerioca”) from scratch using only quality ingredients. Their bestselling drink on the menu is no doubt the signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk, which combines a refreshing blend of fresh milk with homemade sugar cane syrup and chewy tapioca pearls. | FB: thealleymalaysia | IG:

5) TigerSugar


Can’t get enough of brown sugar bubble milk tea? Here is another popular Taiwan brand that needs no introduction. Although Tiger Sugar only arrived on our shores in January this year, it has immediately become an overnight sensation. The reason? Six words: Brown Sugar Boba Milk Cream Mousse. The signature drink that has many local bubble milk tea lovers willing to queue up for it. Frankly, it’s easy to see why: the drink itself has a nice blend of creamy fresh milk using the Japanese Meiji brand drizzled with brown sugar syrup. Completing the drink is a mix of chewy boba pearls and a layer of cream mousse added on the top. And if you are wondering why Tiger Sugar is named as such, it is due to the drizzle of the brown sugar syrup all over the cup that resembles tiger stripes. Do you see it? | FB: TigersugarMsia | IG: @tigersugarmsia

6) Gong Cha Malaysia

Gong Cha Malaysia

Originating from Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha specialises in a variety of freshly-brewed bubble tea using only the finest tea leaves. While you can find the likes of pearl milk tea, oolong tea and brown sugar earl grey tea, nothing beats their Signature Winter Melon Tea — cool, refreshing winter melon tea topped with creamy milk foam. You can even choose to boost your tea with various add-ons like coconut jelly, white pearl and basil seeds. | FB: GongChaMY | IG: @gongchamy

7) Daboba Malaysia

Daboba Malaysia

The popular Taiwan-based Daboba made its debut at SS15 Subang Jaya, offering a diverse range of tea-based beverages from fruit teas to cheese teas and fresh teas. But their main attractions are none other than the Roasted Brown Sugar and Honey Golden Pearl Series. Among their must-try beverages on the menu is the Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, which boasts a robust mix of brown sugar syrup and pure milk with chewy large pearls. | FB: dabobatea | IG: @dabobamalaysia

8) Chatto – Handcrafted Tea Bar

Chatto - Handcrafted Tea Bar

Despite the name, Chatto is actually a homegrown tea brand that made its debut in 2017. Unlike most brands that are either originated from Taiwan or inspired by Taiwan-style bubble tea concept, Chatto particularly stands out with its unique Japanese concept tea bar. They emphasise heavily on the aromatic taste of a tea, which can be found in some of their menus such as Hojicha Green Tea, Kee Mun Tea and Brown Rice Tea. The tea base itself is all carefully selected and sourced from Shizuoka Japan, Taiwan and China. | FB: chattomalaysia | IG: @chatto_tea

9) Cojiitii Malaysia

Cojiitii Malaysia

Cojiitti specialises in handcrafted cocoa beverages using high-quality ingredients from all over the world. Some of their recommended menu options include Cojii Cocoa, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. Apart from their cocoa beverages, they also offer other varieties like fresh juices, milk teas and cheese teas. To date, Cojiitii can be only found at Lot K-F-101 on the first floor in The Starling Mall, Damansara Utama. | FB: cojiitiimy | IG: @cojiitii

10) Xing Fu Tang Malaysia

Xing Fu Tang Malaysia

Xing Fu Tang prides itself for being the “first and original Taiwanese stir-fried brown sugar bubble milk tea in Malaysia”. “Stir-fried” is particularly the keyword that makes Xing Fu Tang’s version of brown sugar milk tea such a unique creation. Other than their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk, they also serve various drinks like Strawberry Boba Milk, Soda & Handmade Jelly and Grapefruit Green Tea. | FB: XFTMALAYSIA | IG: @xingfutang_malaysia

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