6 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early On Weekends

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)! And that means you can look forward to a weekend of leisure. You don’t have to worry about setting your phone alarm or an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning for work or class. You can simply choose to sleep in during the weekends and wake up any time you want. While sleeping in may sound like the best free thing you can do, keep in mind that it actually does more harm than good in the long run. So, here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early on Weekends.

1) You Get More Me-Time Moments

Imagine waking up early in the morning, say 6 am on the weekend when everyone else is still asleep. Depending on where you live, you might get lucky with the serenity of enjoying quiet moments. That means no loud music from your neighbour or traffic on the road. You can choose to clear your thoughts, which gives you the advantage of mapping out plans or activities in mind. With more peace and fewer interruptions, why not spend your me-time reading a book or having a nice breakfast? Besides, quiet moments have their own benefits ranging from improving mental health to minimising blood pressure.

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2) You Have The Extra Time To Exercise

Always giving yourself an excuse “I don’t have time to exercise” due to working overtime or simply being too tired after a long day at work? Well, make use of your weekends by waking up early and going for a morning jog or cycling at the nearby park. Getting a workout first thing in the morning can help boost your mood and even burn calories.

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3) You Are More Mentally Alert

Dreading not having sustained energy throughout the weekends? Blame it on your bad night-owl habits. If you choose to practice regular sleeping patterns (read: sleep early, rise early), you are likely getting better rest compared to those who love to burn the midnight oil. Not to mention early risers generally have the upper hand to focus better in the morning!

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4) You Are More Productive

Sleeping in for a few extra hours during the weekends might sound tempting. But did you know you are basically wasting your precious time? By adopting the habit of waking up early during the weekends, you are more likely to be productive. After all, most successful people are early risers. They make use of the weekend mornings to get more things done from planning the day ahead to completing their household chores and catching up with friends and family.

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5) You Have More Time For Breakfast

Waking up late even on weekends usually means you hardly care about prepping or getting a nutritious breakfast. Why? Because you have no time to think about it. You just want to get on with it and grab whatever to satisfy your hunger pangs. Which is why waking up early in the morning gives you clearer thoughts, better judgement and more time to have a good breakfast. Besides, skipping breakfast tends to make you easily crave for unhealthy meal choices loaded with sugar, fat and carbs.

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6) You’ll Get A Better Sleep Pattern

Feeling groggy most of the time? This normally happens if you have an irregular sleep pattern. Plan your sleep routine and make a habit of going to bed early and waking up early in the morning. And we don’t mean just for weekdays but weekends as well. Keep it that way since it helps to improve your sleep quality.

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