How Learning A New Language Promotes Understanding & Career Opportunities

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You’ve probably seen the news, but if you haven’t, here’s the scoop. RTM’s TV2 has had its first Mandarin-speaking Malay news broadcaster, and she is Rasyidah! Living in Malaysia, we know that students have the option to enrol in Malay-speaking, Mandarin-speaking or Tamil-speaking schools. Meant to cater for the different languages each race speaks, schools have nevertheless seen students of different races, such as Malay students entering a Chinese school. Rasyidah is an example of that, and she has stated that learning a new language has several benefits.

Rasyidah’s Introduction To Mandarin

Rasyidah was first introduced to the Mandarin language in kindergarten, and she requested to be enrolled in a Chinese primary school. She was taking piano lessons, where her friends were Chinese and therefore spoke Mandarin. To understand them, she made the choice to learn Mandarin. Subsequently, she continued to study in Chinese schools throughout her primary and secondary education, even going to two Chinese independent schools.

Rasyidah’s Career At RTM

In 2011, Rasyidah started working at RTM as a reporter. She switched to the Mandarin news team in 2014, and became a Mandarin news broadcaster just this year. Citizens and netizens are pleasantly surprised, but none are more pleased than Rasyidah herself. As TV2’s first Mandarin-speaking Malay news broadcaster, Rasyidah has made a mark in local journalism history. Turns out, being fluent in a language that isn’t one you usually pick up has several benefits.

Why Speaking A Different Language Is Significant

First and foremost, the best benefit one could get is a wide career choice and opportunity. Having mastery over languages is a highly sought-after skill, and Rasyidah has the advantage when it comes to that. But perhaps more importantly, being able to speak another language draws people of different ethnic groups closer. Language is part of one’s identity, and it opens up a door to better cultural understanding. As Malaysia is a multi-racial and multicultural country, it definitely helps to be able to speak to each other in different languages. Through language, there is better communication, which promotes better understanding and harmonious living. Best of all, Rasyidah’s playlist has also expanded. Besides listening to Malay and English songs, she also enjoys Mandarin songs, specifically songs by Jay Chou and Mayday!

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