Explore Perlis – 8 Attractions You Should Totally Check Out!

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Perlis is Malaysia’s smallest state, yet it has a rich historical history and heritage due to its location on the Malaysia-Thailand border. Also known by its honorific title Perlis Indera Kayangan, Perlis is famous for its stunning limestone hills and rice fields that go for as far as your eyes can see.

Despite its modest size, Perlis is a fantastic place for a long weekend getaway. There are quite a lot of interesting places and things to do – check out of these 8 attractions to visit when you are in Perlis!  

1. Wang Kelian View Point

Head to Kaki Bukit to visit the Wang Kelian View Point, one of the more famous tourist attractions in Perlis. Located at an altitude of 303 meters above sea level, it takes 30 minutes to drive from Kangar or 20 minutes if you are heading over from Padang Besar town. Once you are up there (you can drive up), you will get to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Perlis. There are also many colourful photo spots around for the ideal Instagram shot. And if you don’t mind starting your day early, it is recommended that visitors reach the view point by 6am if they would like to see the carpet cloud phenomenon and catch a spectacular sunrise!

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2. Floating Market JPS Perlis

One of the few floating markets that can be found in Malaysia, the floating market at Pengkalan Assam may not be as bustling as the ones you find in Thailand. But it is still a pretty cool place to visit, eat some delicious food and spend time with your family! Open on the weekends, there are about 10 boats in the floating market that sells a variety of fruits, beverages, snacks, and fresh fish. Since it is located at a lake, there are other activities such as fishing, kayaking and boating that you can enjoy there as well.

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3. Gua Kelam

A must-visit when you are in Perlis, Gua Kelam is one of the most underrated caves in Malaysia. Commonly known as the “Cave of Darkness”, it is not as scary as it sounds. Made up of two connected caves knowns as Gua Kelam 1 and Gua Kelam 2, it is an easy walk through the 370-metre-long limestone cave on a brightly lit wooden path. Along the way, you will get to see the remnants of the tin mining activities, cave writings and interesting limestone formations! And when you exit the cave, you will be greeted with the Secret Garden, a beautiful garden by a lake.

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4. Lake Timah Tasoh

Lake Timah Tasoh is a manmade reservoir and gets its name from the two rivers (Sungai Timah and Sungai Tasoh) that flows into the lake. Having been hailed as “Malaysia’s Guilin”, it is called so because of the beautiful backdrop of Chabang Hill and Nakawan Range against the serene lake. There are lots to do here – go kayaking or fishing in the lake, rent a scooter or bicycle to explore the surroundings and even set up a camp. For avid birdwatchers, you may want to visit between the months of October and March to catch sight of the 135 to 145 species of birds that have been seen here.

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5. Chabang Hill

With an altitude of only 390 meters above sea level, Chabang Hill may not be that tall, but it is well known among mountain climbers. The condition of the hill which is 90% rocky still poses a challenge to climbers even for those who are considered quite experienced. But if you are not into that, you can still visit for the scenery and views that have been likened to the ones you can get at Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen. Pack a picnic or pitch a tent and enjoy a relaxing time at this icon of Perlis.

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6. Kampung Seberang Ramai

Located at Kuala Perlis, Kampung Seberang Ramai was a traditional fishing village that has now been turned into a beautiful colourful village. Thanks to the launch of the Village Transformation Programme by Raja of Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail, Kampung Seberang Ramai is set to be the latest attraction in Perlis. The programme which began in December 2020 repainted the houses in the village with vibrant colours and beautiful murals. It is definitely worth a visit when you are in Perlis!

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7. Perlis Snake & Reptile Farm

I guess we are quite familiar with snake and reptile farms where we get to see and even touch different types of snakes and reptiles. But you’re going to want to visit the Snake and Reptile Park in Kangar. It is not only one of the biggest snake parks in Asia, but it also houses a gorgeous sunflower field! Talk about being Insta-worthy – every corner of this field makes the perfect background for your photos. After your photoshoot, you can also check out the animals and reptiles they have at the farm.


Image credit: Taman Ular Dan Reptilia Negeri Perlis Facebook

8. Perlis State Exotic Fruit Park

Formerly known as Taman Anggur Perlis, the Perlis State Exotic Fruit Park is a fruit farm that aims to promote agrotourism and ecotourism. The park is also used as a place to collect rare plants that are almost extinct to give visitors and future generations the opportunity to get to know them as well as provide exposure to exotic plants found in Malaysia. Some of the plants that you can find here are superfruits such as the gac fruit and passionfruit, various types of grapes, dragon fruit, coffee, and rare trees. Other than marvelling at the plants found here, visitors can also take pictures at the ten photobooths on site, feed the fishes, and enjoy food from the food stalls!


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