5 Miracles Minecraft Does to Your Children

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game where the players are given minimal limitations to roam and change the virtual world (Techopedia). In other words, Minecraft is an open-ended game which enables players to build constructions from textured cubes in a virtual 3D world. Generally, the game activities are exploration, resource gathering, crafting and combat. There are different gameplay modes available depending on the player’s’ purpose of playing (Scratch Studio).

While most parents might think Minecraft does more harm than good, here are 5 miracles Minecraft does to your children.

1) It Challenges Children’s Creativity

Minecraft is essentially a digital bucket of endless building blocks. You can build things up, take them apart and build something else. Everything is in blocks- the trees, the vehicles and even your character. Except it’s easier on your pocket and the risk of literally stepping on those deadly building blocks is down to zero. Your children can explore anywhere- underground interconnecting tunnels or crop fields and build anything- lavish houses or tools for farming.

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2) It Makes Learning More Interesting

From the academic standpoint, Minecraft helps a lot in Mathematics and Science. Students can build villages, farms and any building that they can think of. They get to measure their volume, perimeter and the sizes of their fixtures. Some students learn by creating complex molecule and cell structures in Minecraft. You can read more about it here.

Minecraft also helps students in enriching other important skills such as critical thinking skills and social skills when they do ‘business’ in the game where they must communicate and collaborate with other members to set and complete goals.

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3) It Teaches Children to Manage Resources

Can you imagine, your 10-year-old having to make difficult decisions- should they use their money to buy a tractor for their farm or a solar panel for their factory? Since every player has finite amount of resources, they must shrewdly decide where should their resources go. Without them realising, they are sharpening their financial skills which are helpful later in life.

Resources in Minecraft. Image Credit: mod-minecraft.net

4) It Enhances Hand-eye Coordination

When playing in survival mode- the players must go through obstacles such as running away and fighting the monsters at the same time. They need to have quick reflexes and astute thinking to stay in the game (MSN).

Image Credit: Minecraft Graphics

5) No Violence

Although Minecraft have fighting elements, what makes Minecraft different from the other games is the gore-less fighting scenes. No blood, no splattered flesh on the screen or decapitated players. The game even features a peaceful mode where you are almost impossible to die in this mode. You can spend all the time exploring and build new things.

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So, if you have yet to bring Minecraft into your classroom, what are you waiting for?

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