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Eyebrows does more than we give credit for – it frames the face and also enhances our features. However, many of us may feel the frustration of having sparse or close to no existent eyebrows. While this may be due to our ancestral Asian genes, this does not mean that one should accept this fate. The great news is that it is so easy to have good looking brows with various technology and techniques available in the current day and age. If you happen to be looking for a spot with excellent service, head to Era Ace Brow Bar.

About Era Ace Brow Bar

Era Ace Brow Bar Is a first Professional Brow Waxing Centre In Malaysia, Johor. They are strategically located in the heart of the city in popular shopping mall City Square, and has 2 shops there. You will be able to get your eyebrows waxed to perfection. They also provide other services, including eyelash perming, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, facial and body waxing, and Korea semi-permanent makeup. In addition, they also offer waxing and Korea semi-permanent services for men.

Their team of wax specialists will take the time to discuss what you want and determine the appropriate amount of hair to remove needed to accomplish the look you’re going for. They take pride in making you feel and look beautiful.

Image credit: Era Ace Brow Bar

Era Ace Speciality

The brow bar stands out from the other centers for the following reasons:

1) Skill and knowledge – They are always upgrading their waxing skill. They obtained the CIBTAC diploma from UK, and all their is staff highly trained.

2) Product Quality – Their waxing product is obtained from Spain and France. The wax formula is made from natural ingredients that moisturizes the skin therefore is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Their wax is of high quality, and is a hard, strip-less wax that is slightly elastic. As the wax is slightly elastic, the procedure is less painful and non-sticky

3) Signature services – Their brow waxing is a first in Johor, Malaysia. Before the waxing they perform a brow mapping for customer, to make sure the brow is suitable for the customer eyes and face shape. Tailored to each individual, that is why their signature brow waxing is so special.

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The Era Ace Story

Era Ace Brow Bar was founded in December 2014. Ace Lee is the founder of Era Ace Brow Bar, together with her business partner Faness Phan, they hope to expand and start their own academy in the future. Their signature eyebrow waxing is inspired by ancient Egypt, which was the earliest century eyebrows shape waxing and cosmetics.

In this era of beauty, competition is growing. Therefore, they have to keep improving by going abroad to participate in beauty exhibition. This allows them to understand today’s trend and technology for beauty. Their ultimate goal and mission is help customers to develop a stronger sense of self-image and confidence.

Image credit: Era Ace Brow Bar

“Always feel that you are not good enough, then you will continue to push yourself to improve. The law of attraction states your thoughts attract what you want, hence stay positive in your life.”

– ace lee, founder or Era Ace Brow Bar

Never have bad eyebrows again when you head over to Era Ace Brow Bar: