Singapore’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Singapore's Top 10 Travel Bloggers
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For those who have travel aspirations but have yet to take that first step, it’s always nice to have a reference point or a guide from someone who’s been there and done that. Singapore has produced many travel bloggers, and here are the top 10 who we think you should check out!

1) Travel Inspiration 360

Singapore's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Keith is the man behind Travel Inspiration 360, and if you have a hard time looking for vegetarian options whilst travelling, his blog may be just the inspiration you need. He considers travelling to be “the great true love” of his life, and believes each experience he’s had as a traveller thus far has made him far richer, having learned so much about other cultures. He’s blogged about his trips to places like Brazil, Russia, Panama and others – complete with amazing photographs of each place. | FB: travelinspiration360 | IG: @Travelinspiration360

2) A Girl And A Bald Traveller

Singapore's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

The couple that travels together stays together for sure, in the case of these two bloggers. Their main goal is to travel without having to burden themselves financially, so if you need tips on travelling on a budget, this is a good place to start researching. Despite holding down busy full-time jobs, they have collectively managed to visit quite a few countries, and the gentleman in this duo has a penchant for visiting the less-touristy locations. | FB: agirlandabaldtraveller | IG: @a_girl_and_a_bald_traveller


Join Alex as he wanders around the world, with camera in hand – capturing his favourite sights, like “beautiful landscapes, imposing architectures, sacred churches” and many other beautiful locations. He’s been to places in Asia, Europe, North America and The Middle East, and blogged about his stays there, providing handy tips for shoppers, foodies and those who need a guide to planning their trip. | FB: sgwanderlex

4) I Wander

Bino’s travel blogs have not only garnered him attention from many readers, but awards, accolades and media appearances. Simply put, his opinions are worth reading about, and though he considers himself a “part-time wanderer” he’s able to provide readers with helpful ideas and tips on what to see and where to eat on your travels. His blog is eye-catching and easy to navigate, making research a breeze. He even touches on things like etiquette and customs of certain places. | FB: I.Wanderblog | IG: @iwanderrr

5) WildJunket

WildJunket initially began with Nellie Huang who is a professional travel blogger, but these days she is joined by her husband on her travels. They started travelling in 2003 and have since been to over 110 countries, spanning all 7 continents. They call themselves “semi-nomadic” and enjoy their adventures because of how much they have learned along the way, and how much they have been through whilst on the move. | FB: WildJunket | IG: @wildjunket

6) Sunrise Odyssey

Daniel and Gina are also a couple who share a passion for travel, which they blog about. Venturing to unusual locations and always seeking adventure, these two actually gave up their corporate careers to pursue their love of travelling. They’ve been on the move since 2014, and while Gina provides the “voice” of the blog, Daniel is the man behind the camera. They hope their blog will inspire more people to explore the world beyond where they live. | FB: SunriseOdyssey | IG: @sunriseodyssey

7) Irene’s Travel Blog

Irene is a young lady with a passion for adventure, and being surrounded by people with positive vibes. Add to this a love of photography and you have the makings of a true-blue travel blogger. Her blogs have won accolades over the years, for her travels all over the world. Her motto is “Work Hard, Play Harder”, and it is easy to see from her blogs she is truly a lover of travel. Read all about her adventures and get inspired for yourself. | IG: @Invinciblerene

8) Travelerfolio

Travelerfolio is yet another award-winning travel blog, and it is managed by Eunice. She created the blog in 2008 and it has come a long way since. You can check out her blogs for highlights on how to get through places like Korea and Taiwan with a “Free and Easy” vibe. Besides her own travel experiences, she is sometimes able to host contests and giveaways for her readers, so it’s quite an interesting blog to check out. | FB: | IG: @Travelerfolio

9) Flora Isabelle

If you prefer travel bloggers who don’t mince their words and are a tad on the sassy side, you will love Flora Isabelle’s blog, which is like a breath of fresh air with her candid views and self-deprecating sense of humour.  Her blog initially started as a personal diary of sorts, but has since bloomed tremendously – along with her readership. While she does acknowledge that some content is commercial, she still does write about her passions as well. | FB: floraisabelle | IG: @floraisabelle

10) The Occasional Traveller

Not everyone can afford to give up their careers to pursue travel full-time, and this blog is testament to that. Jac, of The Occasional Traveller, understands the reality of travelling while holding down a career, but doesn’t let herself get bogged down by the latter. Sometimes we all need an escape, and if you’re planning yours, her blog is a good starting point for research. | FB: theoccasionaltraveller | IG: @jac_theocctrav

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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