12 Unique Mooncakes To Try in Malaysia That Isn’t Lotus Paste

12 Unique Mooncakes To Try in Malaysia That Isn't Lotus Paste
Image Credit: freepik.com

It’s the time of the month again. And we mean the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Friday, 29 September this year. The festival, of course, wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a piece or two of delicious mooncakes. Mooncakes are commonly available in classic flavours such as lotus and red bean paste. But if you fancy something different, we have rounded up 12 unique mooncakes to try in Malaysia.

1) Baker’s Cottage

Be it baked or snow skin mooncakes, Baker’s Cottage got you all covered here. Some of its unique flavours include the Sakura Blossoms (Japanese matcha & red bean paste), Pandan Custard (pandan lotus paste & custard mung bean) and Peachy Mango. You can find out more about their mooncake flavours right here.

Baker's Cottage mooncakes
Image Credit: thebakerscottage.com

2) BAO Malaysia

The makers behind the contemporary bao from BAO Malaysia have come up with their cute-looking 3D mooncake gift set dubbed “Moon Rabbit“. It comes in a big, white rabbit box design and in it, you will find 8 pieces of mooncakes in various classic and unique flavours. Among the special flavours include Lava Belgium Dark Chocolate, Honey Pomelo and Earl Grey Yuzu Mochi. Interestingly, each mooncake has its own distinct shape. BAO Malaysia includes a gift card with every order.

BAO Malaysia mooncakes
Image Credit: bao.malaysiaa

3) Bo The Avocado

Fans of avocado can look forward to their gluten-free Jade Marble Mooncake. And guess what, it’s a snow-skin avocado mooncake. The filling, in the meantime, consists of Australian avocados with nutty pistachios and milk. You can DM them to pre-order or visit their Bo The Avocado outlets at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, The Exchange 106, D’Network Setia Eco Park and 1 Utama (New Wing).

Bo the Avocado mooncakes
Image Credit: @bo.the.avocado

4) Cake Tella

If there are alcoholic ice creams and cakes, why not mooncakes too? And that’s what you get here at Cake Tella. Their Alcoholic Ice Cream Snow Skin Mooncakes Set come in 4 bold flavours: Guinness Draught Gula Malacca, Roku Gin Sakura Raspberry, Baileys Valrhona Almond and Milo Nugget. The only exception here is the latter, which turns out to be a non-alcoholic option. Each order comes with an ice bag, steel knife, firework candle and big candle.

Cake Tella mooncakes
Image Credit: caketella.com

5) Fai Fong Bakery

The Kepong-based Fai Fong Bakery has released a collection of lotus paste mooncakes with a contemporary twist. For instance, they have Cranberry Lotus Paste and Durian Lotus Paste, both of which are made from quality ingredients. Alternatively, you can opt for Fai Fong Bakery’s caffeine-flavoured Tiramisu Mooncake with Chocolate Lava. If you purchase any of their four mooncakes, you will receive a complimentary gift box.

Fai Fong Bakery mooncakes
Image Credit: etlgifttrading.com.my

6) The Ice Cream Bar

Ever enjoy Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Edition in a… mooncake form? Well, here’s your chance, thanks to The Ice Cream Bar’s exclusive mooncake creations this year. They incorporate the distinct blend of the aforementioned Johnny Walker single-malt Scotch whisky with the sweetness of ice cream, fine chocolate chips, chocolate layer coating and orange jam yolk. Their 2-piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box also includes the classic Rum and Raisin mooncake, which combines a hazelnut feuilletine base and spiked raisin jam in a chocolate shell. Each order comes with a cutlery set, a reusable cooler bag and a handwritten message card.

The Ice Cream Bar mooncakes
Image Credit: theicecreambar.com.my

7) InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Celebrate this month’s Mid-Autumn Festival with InterContinental Kuala Lumpur’s Moonlit Garden artisanal mooncake collections, all beautifully packed in an exquisitely crafted natural bamboo box. They offer baked and snow skin mooncakes, with unique flavours such as Almond & Sweet Potato with Pandan & Mung Bean, Butterfly Pea Flower with Bird’s Nest & White Lotus Paste and Musang King Durian with Oats. Here’s good news for mooncake lovers out there: You can enjoy 20% off on mooncake boxes from now until 29 September 2023.

InterContinental Kuala Lumpur mooncakes
Image Credit: intercontinentalklshop.com

8) Inside Scoop

Enjoy Inside Scoop ice cream in the form of a mooncake. They have four creamy flavours available including Pistachio Raspberry, Rocher Yuzu, Durian and Mango Coconut. The former two are wrapped in chocolate shells while the latter two are in snow skins. Each order comes with a metal cutlery, a reusable cooler bag and a handwritten message card. You can opt for a 2-piece or 4-piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box.

Inside Scoop mooncakes
Image Credit: insidescoop.com.my

9) Lo Hong Ka

Lo Hong Ka, which is famous for its quality bird’s nest varieties, has its own mooncake versions. Bird’s Nest Lava mooncakes, to be exact with four unique flavours available. This includes Sea Salt Lychee, Umeshu, Berry Cheese and White Jade Pomelo. Each set comes with the four aforementioned flavours, one Lo Hong Ka’s Bird’s Bird Nest Imperial Drink and JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Golden Cliff Honey. And that is not all as you will receive a complimentary 2-bottle Tremella Essence (while stocks last).

Lo Hong Ka mooncakes
Image Credit: lohongka.com.my

10) Oh Cha Matcha

Renowned for its “sugar-free, dairy-free & guilt-free” matcha varieties, Oh Cha Matcha has released OCMC Snow Skin Mooncake 2023 and Oh Cha Matcha x Kintry mooncake sets. For the former, they have four green tea-based flavours including Matcha Mung Bean, Hojicha Mung Bean, Genmaicha Mung Bean and Gyokuro Mung Bean wrapped in various snow skins. But if you prefer baked mooncakes, you can opt for the latter. The set comes with Chocolate Granola Hazelnut, Pandan Gula Melaka Granola, Salted Butter Caramel Granola and Honey Quinoa Granola. And yes, the granola itself comes from Kintry’s signature Granolas.

Oh Cha Matcha mooncakes
Image Credit: ohchamatcha.com

11) Oloiya

Oloiya’s signature bak kwa is best enjoyed on its own or incorporated in an oblong bun. But how about bak kwa mooncakes for a change this month? Introducing their Hub Ga Foon mooncakes, Oloiya has two fillings available including Salted Egg Bakkwa and Duck Bakkwa Teochew styles. You can get them right here.

Oloiya mooncakes
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

12) Purple Cane

Purple Cane’s tea-based mooncake varieties have plenty of them to choose from. Among their unique flavours? Coconut & Sakura Flower Tea Mooncake, which combines sakura flowers, and Nanyang coconut filling with a subtle hint of green tea. Then, there’s the Durian Green Tea Mooncake which has bittersweet durian meat and lotus seed paste filling in a green tea pastry.

Purple Cane mooncakes
Image Credit: purplecane.my