10 Versatile Ways You Can Use Your Old Toothbrush

10 Versatile Ways You Can Do With Your Old Toothbrush

When it comes to daily cleaning, we often use common items like cloths, rags and sponges. And there’s the lesser-known item otherwise known as a toothbrush. Or more specifically, a used or old toothbrush where most of us would usually toss it in the bin and replace with a new one. So, the next time you are thinking of tossing it away, check out these 10 Versatile Ways You Can Use Your Old Toothbrush.

1) Use It To Clean Your Shoes

Got a pair of sneakers that have been caked with dirt, mud and whatnot? It’s time to do some cleaning and having an old toothbrush does come in handy. You can use it to clean your shoes, particularly hard-to-reach places like the crevice of the soles or between the stitching.

Old Toothbrush Hack #1: Use It To Clean Your Shoes
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2) Apply Your Hair Dye

No specific comb or brush to apply your DIY hair dye at home? Not to worry, though. This is where an old toothbrush comes in. The bristles on the toothbrush help to spread the colour through your hair evenly. It works particularly well for highlights or streaks.

Old Toothbrush Hack #2: Apply Your Hair Dye
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3) Clean Your Keyboard

Be it a laptop or PC keyboard, both are prone to dust, debris and of course… crumbs stuck between the keys. Use an old toothbrush (make sure it’s dry and has soft bristles) and brush around the keys gently to remove the junk. It makes your job easier than just relying on a microfibre cloth to wipe them off.

Old Toothbrush Hack #3: Clean Your Keyboard
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4) Clean Your Jewellery

All those years of wearing your favourite jewellery would end up losing its shine one way or another. Why? Blame it on the likes of dirt and grime that accumulate on your jewellery. So, the least you can do here is cleaning the jewellery piece with an old toothbrush. Use the soft bristle variety if possible and gently scrub away the grime around the jewellery. Those tiny bristles are particularly useful for cleaning difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies of the jewellery.

Old Toothbrush Hack #4: Clean Your Jewellery
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5) Remove Crayon Marks

Got a little kid at home who happens to be an aspiring artist? But instead of drawing the next masterpiece on a piece of paper or sketchbook, the plain wall in your living room ends up as a canvas. The “canvas” that is littered with colourful crayon marks. And before you get all freaked out, there’s a solution to this.

Simply grab an old toothbrush and apply some non-gel toothpaste. Then, give it a gentle scrub against the affected wall. Finally, wipe the surface clean using a wet cloth or rag.

Old Toothbrush Hack #5: Remove Crayon Marks
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6) Clean Your Bike Chain

Grime, dirt and mud are just some things that would gradually accumulate on your bike chain. To clean the chain, simply apply degreaser generously along its length. Make sure you turn the crank backward as you do so. Then, grab an old toothbrush and start scrubbing away all the gunky buildups. Don’t forget the bike cassette and chainrings as well.

Tip: For more effective cleaning, tape the handles of two toothbrushes with the bristles facing each other. Then, place them between the bike chain. This would allow the two toothbrushes to clean the top and bottom part of the chain simultaneously while you spin the pedals.

Old Toothbrush Hack #6: Clean The Bike Chain With Two Toothbrushes
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7) Remove Laundry Stains

If you have a stain on your clothes, do not just toss it in the washing machine. Take an old toothbrush and scrub the stain with sodium bicarbonate paste (baking soda + warm water). Allow it to dry before tossing it in the wash.

Old Toothbrush Hack #7: Remove Laundry Stains
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8) Get Rid Of Gum From Clothing

Before you are thinking of using your fingers to remove the sticky gum off your clothing, there’s a better way to do this — the hot vinegar method. Simply boil some vinegar and moist it on the affected spot of your clothing. Then, use an old toothbrush and gently scrub the gum until it loosens and comes off. Once done, toss the clothing in the wash to remove the vinegar.

Old Toothbrush Hack #8: Get Rid Of Gum From Clothing
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9) Clean Your Hairbrush

Using your hairbrush on a daily basis means you are bound to see lint and hair strands stuck all over the bristles. And that is not all, as other things like dust and environmental debris can accumulate on your hairbrush too. To remove them, simply grab an old toothbrush and gently scrub away all the buildups. You can also dip the toothbrush with the shampoo-and-water mixture before begin scrubbing them away on your hairbrush. Once you are done with the cleaning, rinse the bristles of your hairbrush with running tap water and allow it to air dry.

Old Toothbrush Hack #9: Clean Your Hairbrush
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10) Clean Your Messy Stovetop

If you often cook your meal at home, grime tends to build upon the stovetop. Sure, you can use your kitchen cloth to wipe them away. But there are some hard-to-reach places that the cloth alone isn’t sufficient enough to clean up the mess. Your solution? Grab an old toothbrush and dip it with some dishwashing liquid. Then, scrub the grime away in a circular motion to remove the grime.

Old Toothbrush Hack #10: Clean Messy Stovetop With An Old Toothbrush
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