Top 10 Yoga Studios in Penang

Top 10 Yoga Studios in Penang
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The hustle and bustle of daily life in the concrete jungle can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Finding time to relax and unwind is essential to recharge yourself and this is where yoga matters. An age-old practice that promotes one’s physical and mental well-being through yoga poses and breathing techniques. So, if you are looking for a place to start your yoga, check out these Top 10 Yoga Studios in Penang.

1) 010 Yoga

010 Yoga
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010 Yoga offers classes regardless of your level, covering beginner-friendly options to Vinyasa and prenatal yoga. They also have designated classes for kids, where they can learn basic Asana practice. The experienced yoga instructor, Yiling, is patient when comes to teaching about different poses and techniques. Classes are conducted in small groups, allowing the instructor an opportunity to pay closer attention to the students. | FB: 010Yoga | IG: @yilinglim010

2) Q Yoga Wellness Studio

Q Yoga Wellness Studio
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Beyond its calm and comfortable environment, students can benefit a lot from the holistic yoga practice at Q Yoga Wellness Studio. The instructors here are both professional and dedicated to their yoga teachings. They offer necessary guidance and adjustment as they focus on every student throughout the yoga sessions. Q Yoga Wellness Studio welcomes every level of students, even if you practice yoga for the first time.

FB: qyogawellnessstudio | IG: @qyoga_wellnessstudio

3) The Space Penang

The Space Penang
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The Space Penang covers various types of yoga classes, which are conducted in small groups or private sessions. Among the classes available include basic yoga therapy, Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Rope Wall Yoga. Each class is handled by highly qualified yoga instructors with years of experience. Students can expect full support from the instructors and a relaxing atmosphere upon joining the classes. Apart from yoga classes, The Space Penang also offers pilates and healing therapies such as Soundbath & Deep Relaxation and Craniosacral Therapy,

FB: Thespacepenang | IG: @thespacepenang

4) Vikasa Yoga

Vikasa Yoga
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Vikasa Yoga welcomes all levels of students with friendly and mindful yoga sessions. Even beginners can look forward to practising basic yoga postures and techniques before moving on to the next phases. Other than group classes, Vikasa Yoga also offers private sessions no matter if you prefer one-on-one or bringing your partner along.

FB: vikasayogarose | IG: @vikasayogapenang

5) Skye Yoga Penang

Skye Yoga Penang
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Looking to learn the art of aerial yoga? You might want to check out Skye Yoga Studio, which specialises in the aforementioned techniques that combine traditional yoga poses while suspending in the air using silk fabrics. They have classes for every level no matter if you are a novice or an advanced student. They also provide Inside Flow Yoga sessions, where students will learn how to harmonise their breathing and movements through yoga poses and the sound of music. | FB: Skye-Yoga-Penang | IG: @skyeyoga.penang

6) Happiy Yoga

Happiy Yoga
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Formerly Lenis Yoga, Happiy Yoga is a ladies-only yoga studio available for all levels of students. Depending on your interest, they have different classes from Flyoga a.k.a. aerial yoga to slimming yoga, yoga ball as well as Acroyoga and Zumba. Founder and coach Lenis Lim is both experienced and accommodating in teaching her students how to relax and improve their skills.

FB: HAPPIYYOGA | IG: @happiyyoga

7) Unwind Studio 憩

Unwind Studio 憩
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Led by an experienced team of yoga instructors, Unwind is where you can ease your mind, body and soul as they guide you with their yoga teachings. They have group and private sessions, where the latter is available for one-on-one or up to 10 persons per class. They offer different types of yoga practices such as Inside Flow, Yin Yoga and stretches. They also have prenatal yoga classes for mum-to-be, offering valuable lessons from mastering yoga poses to understanding pregnancy etiquette. | FB: | IG:

8) Arutjothee Yoga Academy

Arutjothee Yoga Academy
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Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student, the experienced instructors at Arutjothee Yoga Academy patiently guide everyone in improving their breathing techniques and yoga postures. The warm and inviting interior during the session makes you feel at home. They have various classes available including General Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Flow for novices and seniors.

FB: ArutjothiYogaAcademy

9) The Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft
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The Yoga Loft’s tranquil environment relaxes you upon joining the sessions and the professional instructors here are all helpful in guiding your yoga journey. Varieties of classes for beginners and multi-level students are available, where you can look forward to practising Basic Yoga and others such as Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa and Aerial Stretch.

FB: T.YogaLoft

10) Flying Yoga Cat

Flying Yoga Cat
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Flying Yoga Cat specialises mainly in aerial yoga, offering classes for groups and one-on-one sessions. Students can expect benefits like burning calories, relieving tense muscles and promoting blood circulation. They also have other yoga classes such as Bungee Air, Silding Mat and Aerial Dance. All classes here are suitable to all levels even if you are a first-timer. | FB: flyingyogacat | IG: @flyingyogacat

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!