YouTuber Sugu Pavithra Is Teaching You The Best Recipes For Raya!

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone celebrating this festive season! While the usual activities of balik kampung and visiting family isn’t possible, we hope you’re still having a great Raya. However, Raya is not complete with some delicious traditional Malay dishes like ketupat, rendang, and curry. For those who want to try their hand at cooking, YouTuber Sugu Pavithra is here to show you the way!

YouTuber Sugu Pavithra and her husband cooking
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Malaysians are slowly getting their hearts stolen by YouTuber Sugu Pavithra and her husband. The couple joined YouTube back in January to post up cooking tutorials on some simple and delicious dishes.

The couple behind the account is S. Pavithra who is a 28-years old housewife. She is occasionally assisted by her husband, 29-years old M. Sugu who works as an estate worker.

Speaking fluently in Malay, Pavithra goes through the steps of how to cook dishes such as sambal telur, fried bittergourd, as well as sweet and sour chicken. As you can see, she focuses on the Malaysian palette.

As a result of her sweet and calming personality, the account now has over 614,000 subscribers. After only five months! In fact, Malaysians are cheering her on in the comments section asking for more content. Many of them appreciate her hard work in creating these videos as well as her humble approach to life.

Not wanting anyone to miss out on Raya celebrations, YouTuber Sugu Pavithra is now teaching us some classic Raya dishes. This is especially helpful for anyone who might be cooking for the first time, unable to be with family, or celebrating overseas.

Check out her recipes for rendang ayam, ketupat with peanut sauce, and kari kambing. A quick browse through the account will also reveal delicious dishes such as a variety of sambals, vegetables, and more. It’s great to see Malaysians supporting her and giving great feedback.