Celebrate The Beauty In You With Cellebre

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Ask any woman and she can tell you her biggest physical asset is none other than her skin. Furthermore, a healthy and glowing skin is an indication of good health. Many stories are told on a person’s skin, from her complexion to the smile lines. Skincare needs to start from a young age as any negligence to a person’s skincare routine will eventually surface on one’s skin. However, it is never too late to start your regime by celebrating the beauty in you.

About Cellebre

Cellebre is a Facial Centre that specializes in providing skin solution for all type of skin problem. In collaboration with KOREA Dermatologist formulated products and professional treatment procedure with the latest aesthetic equipment. As a result, they have successfully helped many satisfied customers to regain their confidence. Together with their philosophy, which is to “Celebrate the beauty in you”, they believe that everyone can be beautiful.

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Cellebre Signature Treatments

Their 5-Stars review signature treatment –“Lymphatic V-Shaping Facial Treatment” is a non-invasive facial treatment, which reverses your age by bringing you glowing, lifting and firming skin. You will be amazed with the visible results on your skin even in the first session. In addition, they provide facial treatments target for different skin conditions:

  • Relief Stress/Tension – Aromatherapy Facial Treatment (Duration: 60mins)
  • All Skin Type – Skin Purifying Facial Treatment (Duration: 90mins)
  • Acne/Oily Skin – Acne Free Facial Treatment (Duration: 90mins)
  • Dehydrated/Dull Skin – Hyaluronic Booster Facial Treatment (Duration: 90mins)
  • Pigmentation/Freckles Skin – Whitening C+ Pearly Radiance Facial Treatment (Duration: 120mins)
  • Aging/Wrinkles Skin – Lymphatic V-Shaping Facial Treatment (Duration: 120mins)

Beside Facial Treatment, they also provide Waxing services:

  • Hair Removal for upper lips, armpit, hands, calves, hips
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Experience The Difference

They integrate the latest aesthetic technology and Balinese spa atmosphere under one roof. Beside providing effective skin solution treatment to customers at affordable price, they hope customers can find relief with their mind and soul after a stressful day. They welcomes everyone who wishes to be beautiful with flawless skin, or is looking forward to relief tiredness or stress.

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“At Cellebre, we take care of your skin and we can make you confidence like never before. Together with us, let’s Celebrate the beauty in you.”


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