10 Things You Should Do With Your Friends Before You Turn 30

Some people say that youth is your greatest asset. And yet others say people (friends) are your greatest asset. We say, why not combine the two and make the most out of it? After all, good friends are hard to find, and youth is something you’ll never get back! Without further ado, discover these 10 things you should do with your friends before you turn 30!

1) Witness A “Once in a Lifetime” Event Together

Whether it’s the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, or flying across the globe to catch Lady Gaga live, it didn’t happen unless your friends were there with you! Whichever event you go for, it will definitely be a significant milestone for you and your whole squad.

Most analysts agree the London 2012 Olympic Games were a sporting success, but there is less consensus about their legacy.
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2) Vote!

Vote for your homeland, vote for your future! As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to vote and make your voice heard. Before the voting process, the discussions with your friends about how you’d like the country to progress will serve as a good topic for you and your friends to understand each other’s political beliefs as well!

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3) Run A Marathon

Better yet, don’t just sign up for your local run in the city! Did you know that there various locations around the world to run a marathon for a wholly different experience? Take your pick from The Great Wall Marathon, New York City Marathon, London Marathon, French Riviera Marathon… for a list of 10 best marathon destinations, you can click here.

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4) Camp Out

Once in a while, escape the city and go back to your roots… literally. Because you’ll be camping, and that means trees all around you. There’s nothing better than putting your phones down (no coverage in the jungle), and engaging in some quality time with your friends! Plus, being surrounded by nature is always refreshing!

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5) Work On A Project Together

This can be anything from attending a new class together, putting up a performance, volunteering at an animal shelter, or even organising a charity event. As long as your have a common interest and/or goal, you can do this. Not only will it help you guys bond, but you’ll also feel immense satisfaction from your little project!

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6) Eat At A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Any amount of stars will do! Get all fancy and bring your A-game to the finest wines and dines the world has to offer! In Malaysia, we still don’t have any Michelin-starred restaurants, but our neighbouring countries Singapore and Thailand both do. Guess it’s time to plan a trip to either country soon!

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7) Try Out Something That Scares You

We’re all afraid of something, but if we never venture out of our comfort zone, we’ll be stuck. And it has to be something that all of you has never tried before, because we can’t have one person standing at the side laughing while you try. Common things to try include bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, cliff diving, and other similar activities.

sharks shark encouters hawaii
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8) Travel Together

No, not just to your local mamak, no matter how convenient that may sound. Travel somewhere none of you have ever been before, and preferably somewhere you don’t know the language. Not only will you be conquering a new geographical zone and learning about the local culture, but you’ll also pick up some basics of a different language along the way!

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9) Go Road-Tripping

It’s not the same as the above entry! Road trips are all about the journey, not the destination. It’s about taking turns to drive, pee stops, the snacks, the horrible carpool karaoke, the immense exhaustion from hitting the road all day… you’ll come back tired AF but also super satisfied with the memories you’ve created!

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10) Drink Guinness Draught!

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How many items on this list have you completed? For every item completed, you should celebrate with a glass of Guinness Draught! Tag your squad in the comments below to get going now!