5 Hours is All You Need to Catch Up on Money Heist!

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La Banda is officially everywhere in Malaysia. You may have caught a glimpse of them on your way to work, while you’re scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, and even here, when you’re reading some articles to take a short break from your tasks. If you have yet to watch Money Heist (or simply need a refresher before the launch of Part 5 Volume 1 on 3 September), it’s now time to set aside that #FOMO feeling as we’ve got a plan (just like how the Professor has one for everything!). All you need is approximately 5 hours set aside for the next couple of days and your favourite snacks as you check out these 5 episodes of Money Heist that will get you up to speed!


1) Part 1 – Episode 1


This right here is where it all begins. We’re first introduced to the Professor and see him enforcing the number one golden rule: no personal relationships. And that’s why each member of the Gang (read: La  Banda) is given a city name. Tokyo, Berlin, Denver, Moscow, Nairobi, Oslo, Helsinki, and Rio then enter the Royal Mint of Spain for a grand heist to print €2.4 billion while wearing red jumpsuits and Dali masks.

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2) Part 2 – Episode 9

Inspector Raquel makes an important decision but somehow she refuses to give up the Professor’s location. After 11 days locked up in the National Mint, the Spanish police enters the premises, while Berlin leads the robbers in a final showdown. The gang manages to get out with the money, but not without a heartbreak. We too thought that this would be the last we see of them but boy, were we wrong. Good times don’t last forever and this is especially true for La Banda. 

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3) Part 3 – Episode 8 (Astray)

In Part 3, La Banda reunites again to free Rio (who was captured by the Panama authorities while frolicking on an island, while on the run) by targeting the Bank of Spain with a daring and dangerous new plan. In episode 8, the hunt for Raquel continues and before the Professor could think of anything, gunshots were heard through the radio. Back in the Bank of Spain, a sniper takes a shot at one of our favourite characters. If you’re a big fan of action scenes, this episode has everything, including the explosion of an army tank. 

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4) Part 4 – Episode 6 (TKO)

Part 4 begins in chaos as La Banda goes through one of its toughest moments fending against enemies from both inside and outside the National Bank. It can only get more nerve-wracking from here as The Professor sends Marseille to find proof of Rio’s torture to get an upper hand. Meanwhile, the tables have turned as Nairobi is now held hostage in front of the whole gang. Viewers are then ushered to a flashback/dream sequence of Nairobi in the Toledo garden, with Oslo, Moscow and Berlin. Is this the beginning of another heartbreak?

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5) Part 4 – Episode 8 (The Paris Plan)

This was where we left off last year. The Professor launches the amazingly clever Paris Plan to rescue Lisbon, but will it work, given the magnitude of her crimes? Inspector Sierra goes missing and decides to hunt the Professor down herself, which she succeeds at while holding him at gunpoint in his lair. TL;DR watch Money Heist Part 4 recap on NetflixMY’s Facebook and Instagram!

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Don’t forget to catch these 5 Money Heist episodes (and more!) only on Netflix. Part 5, Volume 1 of the series drops this Friday, 3 September.